Life After Pitzer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJob listing, check. Resume, check. Fresh-baked cookies and lemonade…what?

We all know that resumes are important, and should be edited with care. But when was the last time you had your resume reviewed over lemonade and cookies in a turn-of-the-century house built for a California citrus grower?

At Pitzer, it happens all the time! Just ask Career Services.

Pitzer’s Career Services provides students with life-long skills through programs and resources designed to educate them about how to explore career options, create effective resumes, conduct job searches and apply to graduate/professional schools.


While each of the Claremont Colleges has its own career services department, these departments regularly share resources, inviting all students to participate in the career fairs held on the various campuses. Thanks to this unique arrangement, Pitzer students have access to an average of seven career fairs per academic year!


In addition to sponsoring on-campus job fairs, Career Services also puts together various open houses, and provides answers to frequently-asked questions about life after Pitzer.


Past Pitzer graduates have attended graduate/professional school at esteemed institutions like the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Columbia Medical School and the London School of Economics. Pitzer graduates have also accepted positions at CBS, Charles Schwab, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, the Peace Corps, and even Saturday Night Live!


Pitzer alumni include Fabian Nunez, the 65th Speaker of the California State Assembly, and Max Brooks, best-selling author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z.


Filmmaker Kimberly Bautista wrote, produced and directed the award-winning documentary Justice for My Sister after graduating from Pitzer in 2007. Chef and alumna Jenn Louis demonstrated her considerable cooking skills on the T.V. show Top Chef, before being named a “Best New Chef” by Food & Wine magazine.


At Pitzer, Career Services believes that career and life-planning is an on-going process that involves exploring temperament, values, interests and skills in order to expand one’s self-knowledge and better evaluate career decisions. The Career Services staff provides students with the necessary information, services, and resources to help students plan effectively, even developing a novel Four-Year Plan for Pitzer students. The plan encourages students to regularly meet with career counselors, create and update their resumes, and attend career-related workshops and seminars. Career Services also maintains membership in Claremont Connect, an online job, internship and event listing database that offers on-campus job listings, part and full-time jobs for students and alumni, on-campus recruiting information and graduate/professional school information.


The department also maintains information about off-campus career fairs and events, including the Los Angeles Career Forum, Mosaic Career Fair and Women for Hire career expos. Pitzer also sponsors the annual Career Fair for Nonprofit and Public Service, where students can network with representatives from the fields of Education, Environment, Healthcare, Public Policy/Advocacy and Social Services.


Career Services is also a part of the National Internship Consortium (NIC), which posts over 8000 internships received by the Claremont Colleges as well as other small-to-medium liberal arts colleges and universities, including Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Reed and Sarah Lawrence.


Pitzer students are provided with ample opportunities to explore possible career paths while in college. With graduation fast approaching, here’s a look at what a few Pitzer seniors plan on doing next year:

Lilli Barrett-O'Keefe Headshot







Name: Lilli Barrett-O’Keefe

Hometown: Evanston, IL

Academic Interests: Environmental Analysis and Global-Local Community Development Through Soccer

Plans after Pitzer: I am planning on working with Streetfootballworld, soccer-based organization in New York. The organization really revolutionized the non-profit structure. It is a global network that encompasses all of the soccer and development projects worldwide. Its mission surrounds the idea that soccer can truly change the world, and bring about social development all around the world.

My Fondest Memory of Pitzer: I can only choose one? That’s tough…I would have to say all the large music festivals on campus – Rockabilly, Reggae Fest and the Kohoutek Music & Arts Festival. There is something so special about a communal event on Pitzer’s campus – the sun is always shining, everyone is so radiant, and we all get to dance around a bit too! I am really going to miss it…

One Piece of Advice for Prospective Students: Follow your passions. Your extra-curricular activities can become your academic interests, and vice-versa. Do what you want, and be electric about whatever it is!








Name: Sam Bromley-Coolidge

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Academic Interests: Cellular/Molecular Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology

Plans after Pitzer: After I graduate in May, I will be working at Camp Winnarainbow, a circus and performing arts camp that has played a huge role in my life, teaching kids to walk on stilts. In August, I will move to Sofia, Bulgaria for a year in order to teach English on a Fulbright Fellowship. When I return, I will apply to graduate schools in pursuit of a PhD in Neuroscience.

My Fondest Memory of Pitzer: My favorite memory is driving up to Mt. Baldy one night to watch a meteor shower with blankets, hot chocolate and good friends.

One Piece of Advice for Prospective Students: Jump right in! Don’t let a minute go to waste! There are so many opportunities that are unique to Pitzer and the Claremont Consortium, and the four years all but fly by.

Esther Ha Headshot







Name: Esther Ha

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Academic Interests: Psychology and Asian American Studies

Plans after Pitzer: I will be spending my summer in South Korea, doing research on their food system and culinary culture. Afterwards, I plan on attending culinary school in New York City.

My Fondest Memory of Pitzer: My fondest memory of Pitzer is Welcome Week, because it gets better every year.

One Piece of Advice for Prospective Students: Try everything at least once and get involved on campus as soon as possible! Also, go get a Grove House sandwich and cookie as soon as possible.








Name: Jana London

Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD

Academic Interests: Psychology and Economics

Plans after Pitzer: I will be traveling to Vietnam and Thailand over the summer before beginning work at Marriott International in the fall as part of their management leadership training.

My Fondest Memory of Pitzer: Playing lacrosse and eating omelets in the McConnell Dining Hall.

One Piece of Advice for Prospective Students: Have FUN during your four years at Pitzer!








Name: Kara Rubenstein

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Academic Interests: English and World Literature and Sociology

Plans after Pitzer: After graduation, I will be traveling throughout the rest of the year. I am going on a tour of Europe with my best friend from high school for three weeks in July. I’ll also be going on a birthright trip to Israel at the beginning of August. Then I’m going to be in Vancouver and Italy until the New Year – at which time I’m hoping to have a job that I can start in January 2015! I’m unsure where and what, but hopefully something will work out!

My Fondest Memory of Pitzer: Any time spent lying in a hammock on the Mounds in the afternoon sunlight with my best friends, or possible eating my first Grove House cookie freshman year.

One Piece of Advice for Prospective Students: Take advantage of everything you are offered here and make the most of your time, truly appreciate all that Pitzer has to offer, and soak up the sun as much as possible. College is what you make of it, and it you want it to be amazing then it will be amazing.

Evan Slovak Headshot







Name: Evan Slovak

Hometown: Palm Springs, CA

Academic Interests: Political Studies and Philosophy

Plans after Pitzer: I will be attending University of Pennsylvania Law School.

My Fondest Memory of Pitzer: Grilling food for hundreds of people during Reggae Fest my sophomore year.

One Piece of Advice for Prospective Students:Everyone wants to have a great time during their first year of college – and you should. But try not to let it come at the expense of your classes. A good first year of academics makes the rest of college much easier, and far less stressful. And on a similar note: talk to the faculty! They are incredible sources of information and help. If you don’t sell them short, they will never sell you short. My college career could not have been successful without my remarkable advisors and mentors.

Cesar Vargas Headshot







Name: Cesar Vargas

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Academic Interests: Political Studies, Spanish and Pre-Med track

Plans after Pitzer: I will be traveling down to Mexico City to research mental health through the USC MHIRT internship. The program is held at the Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría and will last approximately ten weeks. Once my internship is over, I will prepare to travel to Spain for the 2014-2015 academic year, researching how healthcare disparities affect undocumented immigrants in Catalonia and Madrid. I was incredibly fortunate to have been awarded a Fulbright Research Award that will make this investigation possible. Once my trip is over, my plan is to apply to medical school.

My Fondest Memory of Pitzer:There is not ONE memory I can pick because I have so many! However, I think my fondest memories of Pitzer go back to the incredible times staying up with friends, simply talking about life, dreams, aspirations and plans. Whether it was discussing future study abroad trips, memories from home, shenanigans from the weekends or discussions about the political atmosphere of the world, the many nights bonding with friends hold a special place in my heart. 

One Piece of Advice for Prospective Students: You are in a great place! Enjoy every second of it, because it will go by very quickly. Do not be afraid to take risks, to step outside your comfort zone and try things you have never tried before. Today is the oldest you have ever been, but it is the youngest you will ever be.


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