Parent Perspective

Topics Discussed:

• Join us for a special, parent-only webinar and learn more about how Pitzer can help your child thrive during their college years and beyond!

Admission Webinar Series

Join us for a series of webinars about the Pitzer experience, both on and off campus!

Our live webinars put you in contact with Pitzer students, faculty and staff, and offer insights into many of Pitzer’s unique opportunities.

  • All webinars are 30 minutes in length, including a Q&A period. All times listed are Pacific Standard Time.
  • You do not need a microphone or headset to participate. The webinar will play on your computer’s speakers, and questions can be typed in the on-screen text field.
  • Register for a webinar by clicking on the images and hyperlinks below. Dates and times will be added as webinars are confirmed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admission at (909) 681-8129 or We look forward to hosting you online!

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Cecil Says: Why Did You Choose to Attend Pitzer?

cecil Over the next several months, high school students all around the world will receive admit letters from colleges and universities. After tearing open the envelopes and sharing the good news with family and friends, the hard work will begin: “Which college should I attend?” “Which of these colleges is the best fit for me?” “What should I attend this school as opposed to this one?” To help students as they grapple with the difficult choices ahead, we thought we’d ask  our students why they chose to become members of the Pitzer community. Hopefully their insights will help you decide where to spend your next four years!




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