Diversity Staff

Mattie RossMattie Ross ’12, Assistant Director of Admission
Mattie grew up in Maui, Hawaii and attended King Kekaulike High School. She is a Pitzer alumna of the Class of 2012 and earned her degree in English and World Literature: Creative Writing with a minor in Spanish. While studying at Pitzer she worked as a student tour guide and was a Resident Assistant for three years. In addition, Mattie studied abroad in León, Spain where she taught English to three young girls. One of her most memorable accomplishments at Pitzer was educating low-income preschoolers as a Jumpstart Corps Member. In her spare time, Mattie enjoys watching movies, eating Korean food, hanging with her cats and adventuring with family and friends. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education with an emphasis on Higher Education/Student Affairs at Claremont Graduate University.

Katie ShepherdKatie Shepherd, Admission Counselor
Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, California, Katie graduated from Harvey Mudd College (Pitzer’s next door neighbor!) with a degree in Engineering. While at HMC she became an Admissions Senior Intern and tour guide, led her dorm as a Resident Assistant, entertained students as a student activities coordinator, and played percussion in the orchestra. Some of Katie’s favorite memories from studying abroad in Australia were performing in a Battle of the Bands competition and making friends with the kangaroos. In her spare time, Katie enjoys taking photos, learning songs on the guitar, watching movies with her sister, and laughing. 

Dwayne-OkpaiseDwayne Okpaise, Admission Counselor
Dwayne grew up in Simi Valley, California where he attended Santa Susana High School. Dwayne recently earned his degree in art history from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. While a student at Reed, he spent a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and wrote his thesis on the relation between dictatorship and performance art in that country. In addition to working in the Admission Office at Reed, Dwayne was involved with the Multicultural Resource Center and student government. In his free time, Dwayne enjoys spending entire days at museums and making art. He is very excited to return to Southern California and become a member of the Pitzer community!

Barrett, Kepa (1)Kepa Barrett (Abroad Spring 2016)
Graduation Year: 2017
Hometown: Mililani, O’ahu, Hawai’i
Major: Environmental Analysis
How to contact me: wbarrett@students.pitzer.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: When I was a prospective student, I participated in the Fall Diversity program. The program provided invaluable insight to Pitzer and it helped me with my final decision to enroll as a full-time student. Such an awesome program wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the Diversity coordinators. As a Diversity intern, I hope to provide prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds the same opportunity that I had as a participant in the Diversity Program.
The best thing about Pitzer is the people. The faculty and staff members are exponentially supportive and they genuinely want each student to succeed in his/her/X endeavors. The students themselves are creative, passionate individuals that sincerely want to change the world in a positive manner.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: The Robert Redford Conservancy, Asian American Resource Center, 5C Hula Club, & Hui Laule’a Hawai’i Club.
What I do for fun: I like to surf, sing, hike, swim, dance, run, and play Hawaiian music on my ‘ukulele. I also love spending quality time with my family and friends!

Boter, ThereseTherese Boter
Graduation Year: 2019
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawai’i
Intended Major: Economics & Organizational Studies
How to contact me: tboter@students.pitzer.edu 
Why I am a Diversity Intern: The people that I met during my time on the Diversity Program were so amazing and influential in my decision to attend Pitzer. They helped me envision what I could learn and who I could become at Pitzer. I am a Diversity Intern because I want to be able to do the same for future students also coming from underrepresented backgrounds.
The best thing about Pitzer is the unique and passionate people you will meet that are provida futuri  (mindful of the future)!
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), Volunteer at the Center for Asian Pacific American Students (CAPAS), Finance & Accounting, CLASP tutor
What I do for fun: I really enjoy watching movies with friends, reading, playing the piano, singing aloud to songs (when no one’s listening, of course), looking up inspirational quotes, and a lot of self-reflecting.

Brayley, PhilPhil Brayley
Graduation Year: 2019
Hometown: Niagara Falls, NY
Intended Major: Sociology & Media Studies
How to contact me: pbrayley@students.pitzer.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I went on the spring Diversity Program my senior year and it was the program that really made me decided to commit to Pitzer. When I got on campus I was hoping to be a part of the program and help those students wondering if Pitzer could be home for them.
The best thing about Pitzer is the people who make up our amazing community. The students are so involved with so many different things but are always trying to bring their minds together to create something completely new! The staff and faculty are very approachable and are always willing to listen and talk if you meet them halfway.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Community Engagement Center (CEC) office assistant, Huerta Del Valle intern, Pomona College Powwow Committee, IndigeNation
What I do for fun: I have a lot of fun working with the local Native community with on-campus cultural programming as well as participating and learning about the culture of other indigenous people.

Ceron, AdrianaAdriana Ceron
Graduation Year: 2018
Hometown: Los Angeles
Major: Sociology
How to contact me:aceron@students.pitzer.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I am a Diversity Intern because I believe in the programs mission of advocating for education equality and immersing students from underrepresented backgrounds to a liberal arts education. Just like the Diversity Interns eased my transition to college by sharing their experiences and giving me their full support, I now have a commitment to take that role and share my experience with students who are beginning a new chapter in their lives.
The best thing about Pitzer is… our close-knit community, resources available for students, the consortium, and of course, the Pitzer dining hall!!
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Encuentros, Latin@ Student Union, Research Assistant in topics of higher education, Spanish Conversation Leader and Tutor.
What I do for fun: Going to the Arts District (downtown Los Angeles) and taking pictures of contemporary street art, bike riding, watching slam poetry videos, playing with cats and reading.

Honan, Natalie

Natalie Honan
Graduation Year: 2017
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Human Biology and Spanish
How to contact me: nhonan@students.pitzer.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: One of the greatest things about Pitzer is the diversity of the student body. I’m excited to help underrepresented communities learn more about opportunities in higher education.
The best thing about Pitzer isthe people! I love the unique college culture fostered at Pitzer and the distinctive friendliness of the students and faculty here.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Pitzer Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault, 5C Club Soccer, Prototypes Women Center, Pitzer Outdoor Adventures, Orientation Adventures, The Peel, The Shakedown
What I do for fun: I love being outside and hiking, especially in beautiful Southern California. I play soccer and practice yoga. I also love to cook and eat!

King, PatrickPatrick King
Graduation Year: 2017
Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: Media Studies and Political Studies
How to contact me: paking@students.pitzer.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I am a Diversity Intern because I want to be a part of celebrating and welcoming students from diverse underrepresented  backgrounds to the Pitzer community.
The best thing about Pitzer is really getting to know and develop relationships with your professors…and of course the Grove House
Extracurriculars I am involved in: ResLife, KSPC Radio, Hillel and Challah for Hunger
What I do for fun: Spending time with friends and family and of course binge watching a good television show.

Lewis, BashelBashel Lewis
Graduation Year: 2019
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Intended Major: Organizational Studies
How to contact me: blewis@students.pitzer.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I am a Diversity Intern because our nation is changing, and our higher education institutions need to reflect this diversity. While communities of color have made great strides in closing the education gap, disparities in higher education remain prevalent. Therefore, I pledge to continue closing the educational gap and providing support for students of color on campus.
The best thing about Pitzer is our willingness to grow. Pitzer College prides itself on creating a community that is inclusive to all people.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Black Student Union, ReVerb Dance Group
What I do for fun: I am very into fashion so for fun I like to shop (in the sale section of course). Also, I like to watch plays/musicals.

Park, KristenKristen Park
Graduation Year: 2017
Hometown: Brea, CA
Major: Psychology and Asian American Studies
How to contact me: krpark@pitzer.students.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I am a Diversity Intern because my senior year of high school I was on the program and realized if there is a school that had had such an emphasis on Diversity then I had to go to that school.
The best thing about Pitzer is Grove House Cookies…..also the Professors that really care about you inside and outside of the classroom setting.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: ResLife, Pomona-Pitzer Christian Fellowship, and Pitzer Outdoor Adventures.
What I do for fun: Coming up with new backpacking meal recipes, going to Trader Joe’s, backpacking with my wonderful friends.