Diversity Staff

Mattie RossMattie Ross ’12, Assistant Director of Admission
Mattie grew up in Maui, Hawaii and attended King Kekaulike High School. She is a Pitzer alumna of the class of 2012 and earned her degree in English and World Literature: Creative Writing with a minor in Spanish. While studying at Pitzer she worked as a student tour guide and was a Resident Assistant for three years. In addition, Mattie studied abroad in León, Spain where she taught English to three young girls. One of her most memorable accomplishments to date has been her work educating low-income preschoolers as a Jumpstart Corps Member in 2012. In her spare time Mattie enjoys traveling around the world and has been to 11 international countries so far. She also loves watching movies, eating Korean food, playing with animals and adventuring with family and friends.

Katie ShepherdKatie Shepherd, Admission Counselor
Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, California, Katie recently graduated from Harvey Mudd College (Pitzer’s next door neighbor!) with a degree in Engineering. While at HMC she became an Admissions Senior Intern and tour guide, led her dorm as a Resident Assistant, entertained students as a student activities coordinator, and played percussion in the orchestra. Some of Katie’s favorite memories from studying abroad in Australia were performing in a Battle of the Bands competition and making friends with the kangaroos. In her spare time, Katie enjoys taking photos, learning songs on the guitar, watching movies with her sister, and laughing. She is enthusiastic to continue her journey in Claremont with the amazing Pitzer Admissions team.

Kepa BarrettKepa Barrett
Graduation Year: 2017
Hometown: Mililani, O’ahu, Hawai’i
Major: Environmental Economics
How to contact me: wbarrett@students.pitzer.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: When I was a prospective student, I participated in the Fall Diversity program. The program provided invaluable insight to Pitzer and it helped me with my final decision to enroll as a full-time student. Such an awesome program wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the Diversity coordinators. As a Diversity intern, I hope to provide prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds the same opportunity that I had as a participant in the Diversity Program.
The best thing about Pitzer is the people. The faculty and staff members are exponentially supportive and they genuinely want each student to succeed in his/her endeavors. The students themselves are creative, passionate individuals that sincerely want to change the world in a positive manner.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: The Ninth Street Hooligans a cappella group, 5C Hula Club, Claremont Climate Justice, & Hui Laule’a Hawai’i Club.
What I do for fun: I like to surf, sing, hike, swim, dance, and run. I love to spend time with my family and friends, while playing my ‘ukulele and jamming to beautiful Hawaiian music.

Kristen ParkKristen Park
Graduation Year: 2017
Hometown: Brea, CA
Major: Psychology and Asian American Studies
How to contact me: krpark@pitzer.students.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I am a Diversity Intern because my senior year of high school I was on the program and realized if there is a school that had had such an emphasis on Diversity then I had to go to that school.
The best thing about Pitzer is Grove House Cookies…..also the Professors that really care about you inside and outside of the classroom setting.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: ResLife, Pomona-Pitzer Christian Fellowship, and Pitzer Outdoor Adventures.
What I do for fun: Coming up with new backpacking meal recipes, going to Trader Joe’s, backpacking with my wonderful friends.

Enrique RomeroEnrique Romero
Graduation Year: 2016
Hometown: Richmond, CA
Major: Sociology and Spanish
How to contact me: eromero@students.pitzer.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: The Diversity Program was an important event that influenced my decision to choose Pitzer. As an intern, I want to welcome and assist future attendees of the program in any way that I can to make them feel comfortable on Pitzer’s campus.
The best thing about Pitzer is the students, faculty, and staff. Everyone is nice and unique in their own way, which makes it very easy to feel at ease around campus.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Latino Student Union, Spanish Conversation Leader and Tutor, Jumpstart, Intramural Soccer
What I do for fun: I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, going out for runs, playing soccer, listening to Spanish music

Mayra SandovalMayra Sandoval
Graduation Year: 2016
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Sociology
How to contact me: mayra_sandoval16@pitzer.edu
Why I am a Diversity Intern: I am a diversity intern because I strongly believe in the program’s commitment to reach out to underrepresented communities to immerse them in a small liberal arts college environment. Having been a part of this program during high school, I found my experience incredibly rewarding so being part of the team that helps coordinate it is the best way I can give back!
The best thing about Pitzer is the flexibility to make your educational experience what you want it to be and having the tools and people to guide you through the process.
Extracurriculars I am involved in: Latino Student Union, Research Assistant in topics of education and college access
What I do for fun: I love going back to my hometown in LA, visiting art museums, reading, spending time with family and friends.


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