The Undocumented Student Scholarship

Pitzer College established the Undocumented Student Scholarship in honor of students who are neglected or overlooked in consideration of financial aid. The need-based, four-year scholarship is awarded to top-performing non-American students who attend high school in California and are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States. The scholarship is given annually to a student who embodies the core values and mission of Pitzer College. The Undocumented Student Scholar will have the opportunity to realize their dreams and pursue an education regardless of citizenship status.

Successful applicants for this scholarship meet the following criteria:

  1. Is not a permanent resident or citizen of the USA and was born in a Latin American country
  2. Has attended a California high school for the entirety of their high school career (four years)
  3. Has achieved a minimum academic GPA of 3.7 while taking a challenging curriculum
  4. Has actively participated in the community through activities that demonstrate community service, leadership and/or talent
  5. Embodies at least one of the five core values of Pitzer College (Social Responsibility, Intercultural Understanding, Interdisciplinary Learning, Student Engagement, and Environmental Sustainability)

Please note that the applicant will not be considered until they have completed the Common Application and the CSS PROFILE for financial aid.

Page last updated on January 12, 2017