Class of 2016 Admission Data

The information below is meant to give you a quick picture of the numbers from last year’s admission cycle. Keep in mind that the statistics below do not give you the full picture of the holistic process we use when the entering class is assembled.

  • Applications: 4,227
  • Acceptance rate: 15.7%
  • California admits: 45%
  • Out of state admits: 55%
  • Students of color: 34%
  • Females: 60%
  • Males: 40%

Academic Achievement

Average high school GPA: 3.9

Standardized tests are optional in the admission process at Pitzer College. 72% of the students admitted to the class of 2016 did not submit SAT or ACT scores and 63% of the entire applicant pool did not submit scores. For those students who did choose to submit testing, the average SAT verbal was 671 and the average SAT math was 666.

Early Decision

Pitzer is committed to admitting no more than one third of the entering class through the ED process, and to use the same financial aid policies for awarding aid to both Early and Regular Decision applicants. The number of students admitted to the class of 2016 through Early Decision represented 29.6% of the incoming first-years.