Diversity Interns

Kepa Barrett ’17

Major: Environmental Analysis
Hobbies: Saturday Tongan Education Program, Robert Redford Conservancy Fellow, Surf club
Favorite Pitzer class: Decolonizing Education
Fun Fact: My first language is Hawaiian!

Adriana Ceron ’18

Major: Sociology & Political Studies
Hobbies: Encuentros, Latin@ Student Union, Spanish conversation leader and tutor
Favorite Pitzer class: Rural and Urban Social Movement
Fun Fact: I am a ranch dressing enthusiast! And I also love cats!!

Patrick King ’17

Major: Media Studies & Political Studies
Hobbies: KSPC radio show, Resident Assistant
Favorite Pitzer class: Art and Politics of the African Diaspora
Fun Fact: I am double jointed in my shoulders.

Enrique Romero ’16

Major: Sociology & Spanish
Hobbies: Latin@ Student Union, intramural soccer
Favorite Pitzer class: LA: La ciudad y su Gente (LA: The City and its People)
Fun Fact: I’ve never broken a bone before (I hope to keep it that way)!

Mayra Sandoval ’16

Major: Sociology
Hobbies: Latin@ Student Union, Student Rep for the Sociology field group, research assistant with Prof. Roberta Espinoza
Favorite Pitzer class: Sociology of Education
Fun Fact: Once upon a time during my high school running days I made it to city finals for jumping 100 meter hurdles!