Diversity Interns

Kepa Barrett ’17 (Abroad Spring 2016)

Major: Environmental Analysis
Hobbies: Saturday Tongan Education Program, Robert Redford Conservancy Fellow, Surf club
Favorite Pitzer class: Decolonizing Education
Fun Fact: My first language is Hawaiian!

Adriana Ceron ’18

Major: Sociology & Political Studies
Hobbies: Encuentros, Latin@ Student Union, Spanish conversation leader and tutor
Favorite Pitzer class: Rural and Urban Social Movement
Fun Fact: I am a ranch dressing enthusiast! And I also love cats!!

Natalie Honan ’17

Major: Human Biology
Hobbies: Mindful Art at Prototypes Women’s Center, Claremont Club Soccer, PZ Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault, Staff Writer at the Peel, Orientation Adventure Leader, Tennis in the Community, The Shakedown Cafe
Favorite Pitzer class: Munroe Center for Social Inquiry: Virus
Fun Fact: This fall, I hiked the full circuit in Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile!

Patrick King ’17

Major: Media Studies & Political Studies
Hobbies: KSPC radio show, Resident Assistant
Favorite Pitzer class: Art and Politics of the African Diaspora
Fun Fact: I am double jointed in my shoulders.

Kristen Park ’17

Major: Asian American Studies & Psychology
Hobbies: Pomona-Pitzer Christian Fellowship, Liberty in North Korea, Triathlon Club
Favorite Pitzer class: Asian American History
Fun Fact: In the span of four months I drove across the country four times interning with a non-profit.

Enrique Romero ’16

Major: Sociology & Spanish
Hobbies: Latin@ Student Union, intramural soccer
Favorite Pitzer class: LA: La ciudad y su Gente (LA: The City and its People)
Fun Fact: I’ve never broken a bone before (I hope to keep it that way)!

Mayra Sandoval ’16

Major: Sociology
Hobbies: Latin@ Student Union, Student Rep for the Sociology field group, research assistant with Prof. Roberta Espinoza
Favorite Pitzer class: Sociology of Education
Fun Fact: Once upon a time during my high school running days I made it to city finals for jumping 100 meter hurdles!