Tour Guides

  • Laila Alvarez ’18

    Major: Human Biology & Political Studies
    Hobbies: Latinx Student Union, First Generation Mentor, Encuentros
    Favorite Pitzer class: Urban and Social Movements
    Fun Fact: I played the viola for five years!

  • Feby Boediarto ’17

    Major: Environmental Analysis
    Hobbies: A Cleaner Tomorrow, Sustainable Links
    Favorite Pitzer class: Environmental Documentaries
    Fun Fact: My favorite place is the desert!


  • Ben Cowan ’18 (Social Media Intern)

    Major: Neuroscience
    Hobbies: A Cleaner Tomorrow, Ultimate frisbee, Studio 47, Photography club, Pitzer Outdoor Adventures
    Favorite Pitzer class: Intro to Linguistics
    Fun Fact: I grew up on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Maddy Bunnenberg-Ross ’19

    Major: Marine Biology / Chemistry
    Hobbies: Mix club, photography, graphic design
    Favorite Pitzer class: Chemistry or Philosophy
    Fun Fact: I have reached the summit of Mount St. Helens, (and eaten a crab heart). Not at the same time though!

  • Prince Chabveka ’19

    Major: Economics – Accounting
    Hobbies: Green Bike Program, Intramural Soccer, Slam poetry
    Favorite Pitzer class: Political Economy of Global Football
    Fun Fact: Zimbabwean tradition identifies people by an animal totem. My totem is a mouse.

  • Stephen Chun ’18

    Major: Biology
    Hobbies: Rock climbing, Center for Asian-Pacific American Students (CAPAS) volunteer
    Favorite Pitzer class: Social Inequalities
    Fun Fact: I can do a back-flip, but only when nobody is looking. I also collect rocks from every hike I go on.

  • Natalia Duran ’19

    Major: Environmental Analysis
    Hobbies: Educational Liaison for LatinX Student Union, CLSA Sponsor, PAS Hall Council, Spanish Conversation Leader/Tutor, and Discussion Group Leader for International Office
    Favorite Pitzer class: Contemporary Issues of Chicanas/Latinas
    Fun Fact: I love to swim and play water polo during my free time! My parents call me their little fish because I’m always in the pool.

  • Polina Goncharova ’18

    Major: Environmental Analysis
    Hobbies: A Cleaner Tomorrow (ACT), Pitzer Phonathon Caller, First Generation Mentor for First Years
    Favorite Pitzer class: Conservation Ecology and Management and Intro to Environmental Analysis and Native Americans and Environments. I can’t pick one!
    Fun Fact: I am bilingual in Russian and I am a cat whisperer.

  • Kat Harhai ’18

    Major: Environmental Analysis and Gender & Feminist Studies
    Hobbies: A Cleaner Tomorrow, Green Initiative Fund, New Student Mentor/OA Leader
    Favorite Pitzer class: Environmental Science, Policy, and Politics
    Fun Fact: I play the ukulele.

  • Jada Jones ’17 (Abroad Spring 2016)

    Major: Economics
    Hobbies: PASA
    Favorite Pitzer class: Linguistic Anthropology
    Fun Fact: Once I auditioned for a game show and made it to the final round.

  • Jennifer Kaku ’18

    Major: Sociocultural Anthropology
    Hobbies: Asian Pacific American Coalition, Center for Asian Pacific American Students
    Favorite Pitzer class: Fieldworks
    Fun Fact: I lived in Tokyo, Japan for two years.

  • John Kalapos ’17

    Major: Political Studies & Environmental Analysis
    Hobbies: The Grove House, Pitzer Outdoor Adventures, Student Senate
    Favorite Pitzer class: Agriculture and Political Rebellion
    Fun Fact: I make a delicious peach crumble.


  • Alexander Landau ’18

    Major: Environmental Analysis & Media Studies
    Hobbies: Pomona-Pitzer Swim & Dive, Inner Tube Water Polo, A Cleaner Tomorrow, Eco Center
    Favorite Pitzer class: Intro to Environmental Analysis / View of the World
    Fun Fact: I am half British.


  • AJ Leon ’18

    Major: Environment & Sustainability, Economics
    Hobbies: Claremont Climate Justice, Economics tutor, Spanish conversation group leader
    Favorite Pitzer class: Intro to Environmental Analysis
    Fun Fact: I was born in Colombia and moved to the US at the age of six.


  • Maya Levinson ’18

    Major: Media Studies & Creative Writing
    Hobbies: Yoga, Creative writing, Running, and Phonathon
    Favorite Pitzer class: Classical Sociological Theory (taught by Phil Zuckerman!)
    Fun Fact: I am from New York City and most of my summer memories include the famous Coney Island Boardwalk. I have ridden the Cyclone too many times to count!

  • Gabriel Madrid ’17

    Major: Sociology
    Hobbies: Judicial Council, Prison Education Project volunteer, Pitzer Legal Society vice president
    Favorite Pitzer class: Juvenile Delinquency
    Fun Fact: I am a motivational speaker for youth at risk.

  • Sophia Montano ’19

    Major: International Intercultural Studies
    Hobbies: Pomona-Pitzer golf team, student band
    Favorite Pitzer class: Intro to Creative Writing with Janice Lee
    Fun Fact: I love coffee and have it with almost every meal!

  • Alex Ruiz ’17 (Abroad Spring 2016)

    Major: Biology & Economics
    Hobbies: Volleyball
    Favorite Pitzer class: Intro to Sociology
    Fun Fact: I am a first generation student.

  • Maddy Shaughnessy ’17

    Major: Psychology, Minor in Media Studies
    Hobbies: Dance (a lot of it) and slam poetry club
    Favorite Pitzer class: Child Development
    Fun Fact: I studied flamenco dancing in Seville, Spain this past semester

  • Jessa Stein ’17 (Abroad Spring 2016)

    Major: Sociology & Feminist Public Health
    Hobbies: Student Senate, dance, volunteering
    Favorite Pitzer class: Secularism and Skepticism
    Fun Fact: This past summer I studied abroad in Costa Rica and traveled to India!