New Jersey

JR-RamseyJR Ramsey
Admission Counselor

Raised on cornbread and black eyed peas, JR grew up in the small town of Ruston, Louisiana. At 18 he left to study New Media Communication at Centenary College of Louisiana in Shreveport. While a student, he spent most of his time acting as an assistant debate coach at a local high school where he coached students at competitions across the nation. Since graduating, he has worked both in the education and marketing fields before moving cross country to attend graduate school at the University of Southern California. He enjoys paddle boarding and playing Texas Hold’em (sadly though, not at the same time).

Recruitment and application reading territories: Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and California (Central Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, Mid-Wilshire, Westside LA, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties)