Living on Campus

Pitzer College has three residence halls on campus for transfer and New Resource students. West and East Hall rooms are air conditioned, double occupancy rooms with two rooms sharing an adjoining vanity, bathroom, and shower. Mead Hall are suites that include single and double occupancy rooms with bathrooms that are shared with four students, and a common room shared with eight students.

WE-central_courtyard-evening West Hall and East Hall

Each room includes 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, 2 dressers, 2 closets, 2 internet ports, wireless internet, recycling and trash bins. Please note all beds in West and East Hall are extra long (36 inches x 80 inches) and Mead Hall is equipped with regular twin beds.

Each residence hall is equipped with laundry machines which accept Claremont Cash or quarters. Washing costs $1.00 and drying costs $0.75.


What to Bring

One of the most exciting parts of college life is moving into your new home. This will be your home away from home, and although we wish you could bring everything with you to your new residence hall, it is essential that you limit yourself to necessities. We recommend that all students communicate with their roommates to make sure that items are not duplicated, such as refrigerators, etc. You will receive your roommate assignment via your Pitzer gmail by Tuesday December 23, 2014.

Here is a list of things we recommend that you pack with you to make your living space as comfortable as possible.

  • Bed sheets, pillow, pillowcase, blanket, bedspread or comforter
  • Towels, washcloths, toiletries, shower sandals
  • Alarm clock/radio
  • Desk lamp
  • Hangers
  • Eco-friendly laundry supplies
  • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Surge protector power strip
  • Broom

Secondary Items:

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Television
  • Cell Phone
  • Electric fan
  • Room decorations
  • Blue painter’s tape (can be found at most hardware supply stores)
  • Thumb tacks
  • Refrigerator (under 4.3 cu. ft.)
  • Throw rug
  • Plate, bowl, cup, and utensils
  • Padlock for security drawer
  • Bicycle (with U-Lock)


The following items are not allowed in the residence halls:

  • Halogen lamps
  • Air conditioning units
  • Candles, incense or hookahs
  • Hot plates, toasters, and other hot cooking devices
  • Duct tape and nails
  • Pets