About the Sophomore Year Experience

Through its connections with campus resources, the Sophomore Year Experience program seeks to provide sophomore students’ access to information, programs, and advising that will help second-year students succeed.

The student learning outcomes of the Sophomore Year Experience program are:

  • identify and describe areas of personal interest and match them to a specific major
  • describe Pitzer degree requirements and devise a plan for meeting the requirements
  • describe and demonstrate the importance of forming relationships with faculty members outside of the classroom
  • describe the importance of developing meaningful relationships with like-minded Pitzer students and identify programs where they would be more likely be able to accomplish this
  • identify and utilize campus offices and resources associated with their specific needs
  • describe and demonstrate the importance of maintaining strong connections to their specific class and Pitzer as a whole

After examining the literature on sophomore related programming and best practices at colleges and universities across the nation, Pitzer’s Sophomore Year Experience program was developed to support Pitzer’s sophomore students. The following bibliography and links are provided here for those interested in more information regarding the research which provided the foundation upon which the Sophomore Year Experience program has been built.