Emeriti Faculty: Books that mattered

From the Iliad to Animal Farm

  • Allen Greenberger, professor of history, in the classroom in 1977.
  • Dan Guthrie, professor of biology, in the field.
  • Harvey Botwin, professor of economics, in the classroom in 1980.
  • James Bogen, professor of history, in his office in 1978.
  • Founding faculty member Lee Munroe, professor of anthropology, in his office in 1969.
  • Peter Nardi, professor of sociology, at his desk in the 1970s.
  • Rick Tsujimoto, professor of psychology, talks with a student in his office in 1977.
  • Ron Macaulay, professor of linguistics, in the classroom in 1977.
  • Founding faculty member Steve Glass, professor of classics, in his office in the 1970s.
  • Tom Ilgen, professor of political studies, in the 1980s.

Pitzer’s Emeriti Faculty share the books that most influenced their intellectual journey

Emeriti professors share three books that most influenced their intellectual journeys. Most have written short essays on the significance of their choices and how the books shaped their vision.

James Bogen, Professor of Philosophy, 1967-2001

Harvey Botwin, Professor Economics 1967-2007

Stephen Glass, Professor or Classics, 1964-2011

Allen Greenberger, Professor of History, 1966-1999

Daniel Guthrie, Professor of Biology, 1964-2010

Thomas Ilgen, Professor of Political Studies, 1985-2010

Ronald Macaulay, Professor Linguistics, 1965-2001

Robert “Lee” Munroe, Professor of Anthropology, 1964-1995

Peter Nardi, Professor of Sociology, 1975-2008

Richard Tsujimoto, Professor of Psychology, 1973-2012