Campus to Coast Bike Ride


Last October, the Pitzer community celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a 50-mile bike ride from campus to the coast. Students, faculty, staff and friends will ride from Pitzer to Seal Beach again in fall 2014—this time, with President Laura Skandera Trombley! Support the President’s ride with a pledge per mile: all proceeds will benefit the Green Bike Program.

Sponsor the Ride
and the Green Bike Program

Founded by Pitzer College students in 2001, the Green Bike Program is a student-run organization that promotes cycling, bike safety and sustainability at The Claremont Colleges and within the surrounding community. The program makes bikes available through the reuse of old bikes and parts; gives the Pitzer community free access to these bicycles as well as tools and repair lessons; and organizes cycling events.

The Green Bike Program began as a response to counter Los Angeles’ renowned car culture by encouraging the use of bikes and facilitating bike accessibility for Pitzer students. Because Pitzer limits the presence of cars on campus, the College does not need to invest money in high-cost parking structures and can, instead, channel support directly into a program that promotes Pitzer’s core value of environmental sustainability.

More details will be provided here as they become available.