Pitzer Services & Resources

The Grove House is used by the Pitzer Community as a place to meet, study, have lunch, and socialize.

The John R. Rodman Arboretum began informally in 1984-85 as a movement by some students and faculty to save the surviving indigenous vegetation and habitat in the area. Since then, the Arboretum has become an official part of the College.

Audio-Visual/Instructional Technology – McConnell 100
Audio Visual Services (AV) is a center for the storage, location, development and use of audio-visual resources. Students and faculty members are encouraged to use films, maps, slides, tape recordings, videotapes and other non-print media to assist classroom and research presentations. In addition, a large inventory of information and equipment in these media is available for use by Pitzer students in the preparation of individual projects for classroom or thesis work. To request Audio Visual assistance or to make a request, send an email message to AVhelp@pitzer.edu.

CAPAS (Center for Asian Pacific American Students) – Mead Hall
CAPAS seeks to enrich and develop social, intellectual and personal growth in our students by providing Asian American resources as well as a welcoming, supportive environment. The Center serves as an advocate for the Asian and Pacific Islander community and promotes an educational dialogue that embraces the unique experiences of ethnic communities, the cultural fabric of our institution.

Career Services – Scott Hall 126
Career Services assists students and alumni by providing a comprehensive array of services, resources, and programs addressing the job and internship search, alumni career connections, online subscriptions, career-related workshops and seminars, graduate and professional school information, and career counseling.

Information Technology – Scott Hall B111
The Office of Information Technology provides Computing, Networking, Web, Audio Visual and Media Studies service and support for Students, Faculty and Staff of the college. We are organized functionally into groups named Technical Services, Users Services, and Media Studies.

  • To receive assistance from the office of Information Technology, send an email message to Help @pitzer.edu for all computing and networking related items. You may also call ext. 73065 and leave a voice mail message.
  • To get assistance with student connections in the residence halls, send an email message to Resnet@pitzer.edu.
  • All inquiries about Media Studies assistance should be directed to media_studies@pitzer.edu.
  • For more detailed information about these and other information technology services please visit the Information Technology website.

The Ecology Center – Grove House
The Ecology Center, located upstairs in the Grove House, sponsors activities, workshops and lectures, serves as a clearinghouse for environmental information, provides opportunities for community-based internships in environmental fields, acts as a campus watchdog and houses a resource center

Film/Video Facilities – West Hall
The Media Studies Production Center at Pitzer College is a professional standard post-production facility. Students have 24-hour access to a wide range of the latest imaging, editing, animation, sound and graphics software. Students are able to work in private editing rooms, on new, fully equipped editing systems. Multiple formats of professional quality video and film cameras, (including High Definition, 24 p digital video, 16 mm film), accompanied by a full complement of lighting and sound equipment are available for student projects. A student-run screening lounge, where students can watch films and videos projected on a large screen, provides refreshments and a fun, creative living-room environment. Student-run and student requested workshops, visiting artists and senior critiques all take place in the screening room. The Production Center is equipped with film dark-rooms, where handmade film students can develop their own creations, a 16 mm film telecine machine, animation facilities, a sound effects system and lots of silk screening.

Gold Student Health and Wellness Center
Opened in 1995, and renovated and reopened in summer 2014, the 12,000-square-foot Gold Student Health and Wellness Center includes a gym, yoga studio, the Shakedown Cafe, terrace area, multi-purpose room  room offer round-the-clock entertainment possibilities for students. A variety of services are available to students, faculty and staff.

Grove House
Originally built as the home of a Claremont citrus grower, the Grove House was saved from potential demolition by moving it to the Pitzer Campus, north of Mead Hall, in 1977. Here at Pitzer, the house has a new lease on life, serving as a campus social center. Built in 1902, during the height of what has been termed the American Arts and Crafts Movement, it is an impressive architectural example of the California bungalow style, characteristic of that period. Restored and furnished in a manner appropriate to its heritage, the Grove House provides students and faculty with comfortable spaces to meet, study or have lunch. The Grove House kitchen offers a daily menu that includes a homemade lunch entree, sandwiches, bagels, fresh baked cookies, coffee, tea and an assortment of fresh juices. Other spaces in the house include the Ecology Center, the Bert Meyers Poetry Room, the Hinshaw Art Gallery, the Women’s Center, a guest room and a meeting room. The house also regularly hosts a variety of events, including poetry readings and musical performances.

Normal operating hours at the Grove House kitchen during the academic are Monday – Friday, 9 am-4 pm; Sunday – Thursday, 7 pm-11 pm; and Saturday 12-3 pm.

W. M. Keck Science Center
This modern and spacious building of 50,000 square feet provides a teaching location for most of the science courses offered by the Keck Science Department of Pitzer, Scripps and Claremont McKenna Colleges.

Marquis Library and Reading Room – Mead Hall
For the convenience of students who wish to use a quiet on-campus study room with basic reference materials, a study lounge and browsing library has been established in Mead Hall. Books may be taken out for a limited time. The library subscribes to the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, as well as such journals as The Economist, Newsweek, the New Yorker and The Nation. Reserve class materials and a computer connecting with the main library (Honnold/Mudd) also are available.

New Resources Lounge – Mead Hall, Little X
New Resources students have a lounge designed to specifically meet their needs, a place to “rest, refresh and rejuvenate.” The lounge is a group-shared space and is self-governed. Contact the New Resources Dean at 909.607.3553 for access.

Jean M. Pitzer Archaeology Laboratory – Broad Hall
The laboratory is a resource used to enrich courses in archaeology, human paleontology and folk arts. It contains many prehistoric and contemporary artifacts, as well as casts of hominid and other primate skeletal specimens. In the labroaratory, students have the opportunity to gain direct experience handling, comparing and analyzing the evidence for human physical and cultural evolution. Students may also study the diversity of human material culture, both past and present.

Pitzer Outdoor Adventures (POA)
POA sponsors a range of outdoor activities, including trips to the desert and local mountains for hiking and climbing. POA serves as a resource to individuals or groups planning their own outings and can help in obtaining the necessary equipment. Contact Student Affairs for more information.

Pitzer Resource Centers
Various spaces have been designated as resource centers and study rooms where students and faculty can meet informally, read current literature in their fields and find information about speakers and events. These include the Art and Environmental Studies Resource Center, located in Avery Hall, P-2; the Language and International/Intercultural Studies Resource Center, located in Broad Hall 209; and the Social Sciences Resource Center, located in Broad Hall 117.

Psychology Laboratory – Broad Hall
The Psychology Laboratory on the first floor of Broad Hall provides classroom and research facilities for psychology. One-way vision rooms may be used for observing children’s behavior and social interactions in small groups and for monitoring interviewing techniques. Additional small rooms are available for individual research projects. In addition, the Pitzer Physiological Psychology Laboratory in the basement of Scott Hall is used for studies examining relationships between the structure and function of the brain and the behaviors and physiological functions that it controls. Finally, the Psychology Statistics Laboratory in Broad Hall is a state-of-the-art microcomputer classroom in which students can learn to use several types of software designed for the statistical analysis of psychological data.

The Women’s Center – Grove House
The Pitzer College Women’s Center is a campus organization that strives to create a safe space on the campus for all students, though specifically women-identified students. The Women’s Center is located upstairs in the Grove House and is open to the community whenever the Grove House is unlocked.

Writing Center – Mead Hall
Located in 131 Mead Hall, just across from the fountain, the Pitzer Writing Center offers Pitzer students free individual conferences with experienced writers trained to consult on assignments in any discipline at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming ideas to polishing a final draft. The Writing Center is one of Pitzer’s most popular academic resources. If you are a Pitzer student, we encourage you to schedule a session. Regular 50-minute appointments, two-hour appointments for thesis writers, and special consultations for international students are available. Please visit the Writing Center’s website for more information.