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Assessment is responsible for the development of an overall assessment plan that emphasizes the Institutional Learning Objectives which includes the development of direct and indirect assessment methodologies, as well as supporting Field Groups in student learning outcome assessment and comprehensive program review. Additionally, supports various Pitzer programs in grant writing with focused support on the assessment/evaluation portions of grants. Email Marco Antonio Cruz, Academic Assessment Coordinator, marcoantonio_cruz@pitzer.edu for more information.

Audio Visual Services (AV)

Equipment: please give a 48-hour notice for all equipment requests. Equipment setup for sound or for film or video is available for almost any on-campus event.

Film and Video: the AV Department has over 4,000 different titles for you to choose from the Video Library List. Visit the Audio-Visual website for a list of titles.

AV Title Request : Contact Audio Visual at x72638 (909.607.2638) McConnell basement, or preferably by e-mail at AVhelp@pitzer.edu.Please give a two-week notice for media requests.

Contact: Audio Visual at x72638 (909.607.2638) McConnell basement, or preferably by e-mail at AVhelp@pitzer.edu.
Victor Milhon-Martin, Manager of Instructional Services

Class Cancellations

The decision to cancel classes should be taken very seriously. The reputation of the College and the integrity of the academic program rely on every class being conducted according to the schedule. Faculty should discuss their approach to class cancellation with students well in advance, ideally at the beginning of the semester. Normally, faculty members are responsible for notifying students of the decision to cancel a class directly (e.g. via an announcement in a prior class or by e-mail). The following guidance is provided with regard to class cancellations:

Anticipated Absence
If you know that you will not be present for a class because you will be attending a conference or engaged in another professional activity, announce this information to your students well in advance, on the syllabus if possible. Try to arrange for a colleague to teach the class on the day(s) that you will be away or discuss alternative activities or assignments with the students and make it clear how the time will be made up. Although you may try to reschedule the class, you should assume that our students’ complex schedules may make it difficult or impossible to do this.

Emergency Absence
Occasionally a medical or personal emergency arises which necessitates your canceling a class at the last minute. There are many variables involved in this kind of situation: meeting time of the class (day/evening), time remaining before the class meets, class size, etc. It is your responsibility to use good judgment to make the best of this unfortunate situation. If you can notify your students individually by phone or e-mail, this is the best alternative. If your situation prevents you from doing this, you should call the Office of the Dean of Faculty at x18218 (909.621.8218) or email DoFcore@pitzer.edu and ask to have your students notified in class (be prepared to provide the time and meeting location of your class).


Initial Classroom Assignments: Initial classroom assignments are made by the Registrar’s Office based on information submitted on the faculty course form(s). In cases of competing requests, the Registrar’s Office will consult with the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty, who will find alternate arrangements as needed.

Changes After Initial Assignments Have Been Made: Please contact the Registrar’s Office at Registrar@pitzer.edu.

Smart Classrooms: All classrooms are “smart.” For audio visual support, please contact Audio Visual Services at x72638 (909.607.2638).

Classroom Priority Scheduling for West Hall Q116 and Q120, Broad Hall 210 and 214, and Avery 201:

The Offices of the Dean of Faculty and the Registrar schedule classroom space. Due to the technological and pedagogical needs (i.e. high definition projectors and light-blocking window shades) of various fields, for example Intercollegiate Media Studies, Art History, and Media Studies programs, the following priority scheduling for rooms will occur.

  1. For Avery 201, Broad Hall 210, and Broad Hall 214:
    Art History and Classics courses will have priority scheduling for those classrooms, followed by Intercollegiate Media Studies. Once these courses have been scheduled, the room is available for all other disciplines to schedule their courses.
  2. For West Hall Q116 and Q120:
    Intercollegiate Media Studies will have priority scheduling for those classrooms, followed by Art History and Classics. Once these courses have been scheduled, the room is available for all other disciplines to schedule their courses.


Committees are the building blocks of College Governance. Faculty, students, and staff serve together on nearly all standing and ad hoc committees. All faculty members are assigned to committees after their first year.

Current list of committee assignments: 2015-16 Standing Committees Membership


Help Desk
If you have any problems with your computer, computer programs, e-mail, etc., contact Help@pitzer.edu. If you cannot access your e-mail account call Information Technology directly at x73065 (909.607.3065).

Notify DoFcore@pitzer.edu of the 4-digit code you would like to use for the Xerox machine.

There are faculty printers located in the following buildings:

  • Avery Hall, 2nd floor
  • Bernard 227, 2nd floor copy room (Xerox)
  • Broad Center, 2nd floor
  •  Broad Hall 116, 1st floor
  • Fletcher, 2nd floor copy room (Xerox)
  • Scott Hall 113 and Scott Hall, 2nd floor (Xerox)

Computer Lab Reservations
To reserve a computer classroom click here. Click on the room you would like to reserve and fill out the request form that appears on the screen.

E-mail Distribution Lists

  • Faculty@pitzer.edu: This e-mail is meant to send out official Pitzer news and updates to all faculty on campus. This is an unmonitored list.
  • Staff@pitzer.edu: This e-mail is meant to send out official Pitzer news and updates to all Staff members. This is a monitored list.
  • Staff-talk@pitzer.edu: This e-mail is meant to send out more informal information to staff members. Some examples of e-mails to this list serve include the advertisements of yard sales, things you want to give away, or things you may be looking for. This is an unmonitored list.
  • Students@pitzer.edu: This e-mail is meant to send out official Pitzer news and updates to all students on campus. This is a monitored list.
  • Student-talk@pitzer.edu: This e-mail is meant to send out more informal information to students on campus. Some examples of e-mails to this list serve include the advertisements of yard sales, things you want to give away, or things you may be looking for. This is an unmonitored list.

Conference Travel

Faculty Travel to Professional Meetings
Faculty allowances are allocated by the Dean of Faculty’s Office and routinely distributed within policy guidelines by an Assistant in the Dean’s office. Faculty may apply at any time during the academic year for funds to assist with travel to be made during the fiscal year which runs from July 1 to June 30. Funding may include one or more trips. Funding guidelines and maxima are outlined below:

Per Diem: expenses cannot be reimbursed without original receipts.

Other Expenses: transportation and accommodation expenses, as well as conference registration fees, can be covered. Original receipts are needed for this reimbursement.

Limits: each faculty member normally has a yearly allowance for travel to professional meetings equal to $2,000.

Upon completion of travel, ORIGINAL RECEIPTS must be turned in with completed travel form to your Faculty Administrative Assistant, within 2 weeks of completion of travel.

Travel Report Form (Excel file)

Course Evaluations

All faculty are required to administer anonymous teaching evaluations in their classes at the end of each semester. Faculty may use any of the four standard forms (see below), or faculty may use an evaluation form of his or her own design. Faculty should not be present when evaluations are being completed and should arrange for a volunteer from each class to return the completed forms in a manila envelope to the Dean of Faculty’s Office. If class takes place after business hours, evaluations may be deposited in the Dean of Faculty mailbox # A104, located in the Holden Hall lobby.

The four standard course evaluation forms can be downloaded here:

To administer course evaluations electronically, contact Joanne Zhang, Assistant Director/I.T. User Services, at x77124 (909.607.7124) or by e-mail (Joanne_Zhang@pitzer.edu).

Requesting Copies of Completed Course Evaluations
To request a copy of your completed course evaluations, please send an e-mail to DoFcore@pitzer.edu. In your e-mail, indicate the course title, course number, and the semester and year the course was taught. Evaluations will be e-mailed as a PDF file.

Course Funding

Class Food
There is $50 available per class for end-of-semester food (pizza, cookies, etc.) Original receipts are required for reimbursement along with names of students attached to a completed meal reimbursement form. The reimbursement form is located on Sakai under Dean of Faculty’s Office/Faculty Forms.

Class Speakers
There is a $50 per class honorarium for an in-class speaker. For payment, a completed W-9 must be submitted along with an e-mail stating name of class and subject of presentation. The W-9 form is located on Sakai under Dean of Faculty’s Office/Faculty Forms.

Requests for payment/reimbursement should be submitted to your Faculty Administrative Assistant.

Course Texts

Book Orders
To order books you can send an e-mail to huntleytextbooks@cuc.claremont.edu with the following information:

  • Your Name and College
  • Course number
  • Number of expected students
  • Author
  • Title
  • ISBN if available

If you have any further questions please call the bookstore directly at x 79393 (909.607.9393)

Desk & Exam Copies
To order desk or exam copies of course texts, you need to submit a request to the publisher. Google ” [publisher’s name] desk copy” to bring up ordering information.

Most publishers will require the following information:

  • Author
  • Title & Edition
  • Publisher and Publication Date
  • ISBN
  • Course Title and Expected Enrollment

Library Reserve

In order to put books or pamphlets on reserve, you can send in a Course Reserves Materials List form or e-mail Pamela_Martin@cuc.claremont.edu with the course information, the title, author, and call number of each book you want to put on reserve. The library does require the call number as this ensures they pull the right edition. If you need the library to order a book, please include a note in your e-mail, the ISBN if available, and the loan period desired: the choices are 2 hours, 4 hours, 2 days, and 7 days.

If you need assistance please contact Pamela Martin at x73968 (909.607.3968) or the reserve assistant Linda Kong at x18680 (909.621.8980).

Alternatively, faculty can bring the books to the services desk and fill out a brief form giving the course information.

The library will also put on reserve personal copies of books the library does not own if the professor is willing to do so.

For information on library reserves please visit the Library Reserve Website.

Electronic Reserve
The library no longer handles electronic reserves. ERes has been replaced by the Sakai course management system, which is run by the colleges’ IT departments. At Pitzer, help using Sakai is available from the Pitzer Help Desk at: Help@pitzer.edu or x73065 (909.607.3065).

Dean of Faculty's Office

Nigel Boyle
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty
Scott Hall 115

For scheduling, please contact Shannan Boss at x18217 (909.621.8217) or Shannan_Boss@pitzer.edu.
For faculty assistance, please e-mail all requests to DoFcore@pitzer.edu.

Shannan Boss
Assistant to the Dean of Faculty / Vice President for Academic Affairs
Phone: x18217 (909.621.8217)
E-Mail: Shannan_Boss@pitzer.edu

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Scheduling for the Dean of Faculty
  • Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) coordination
  • Committee Eligibility
  • FEC/APT elections
  • Faculty meeting coordination
  • Scholar-in-Residence program
  • Faculty personnel files
  • Faculty annual reports, sabbatical reports, CVs
  • Committee year-end reports
  • Coordination of junior faculty annual meetings

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Faculty development
  • Junior faculty annual meetings
  • New faculty orientation
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • WASC Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO)
  • Academic office and instructional facilities
  • Educational Policy Committee (EPC)
  • Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)
  • Diversity Committee (DC)
  • Campus Life Committee (CLC)

Katrina Sitar
Director of Faculty Services
Phone: x18278 (909.621.8278)
E-Mail: Katrina_Sitar@pitzer.edu

Duties and Responsibilities
Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (APT)

  • Tenure-track appointments
  • Adjunct faculty hiring requests
  • Faculty contracts
  • Faculty review and promotion
  • APT support

General Academic Administration

  • Dean of Faculty office oversight
  • Faculty Handbook
  • Faculty profiles
  • Support for accreditation and assessment

Rachel Durkin
Financial and Technical Support Coordinator
Phone: x73450 (909.627.3450)
E-Mail: Rachel_Durkin@pitzer.edu

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Instructional Budget Officer
  • Faculty Research and Awards
  • Student Research and Awards
  • Campus Life Committee Budget Officer
  • Teaching and Learning Committee Budget Officer
  • Administrative support for Associate Dean of Faculty
  • Academic Affairs website maintenance

Dean of Faculty Core / Faculty Assistance / Faculty Recruitment

Carlos Alvarez and James Rodriguez
Faculty Administrative Assistants
Phone: Carlos – x79126 (909.607.9126); James – x72691 (909) 607.2691
E-Mail: DoFcore@pitzer.edu

Duties and Responsibilities
Faculty Assistance

  • Advertisement of faculty positions
  • Collection and maintenance of candidate records
  • Scheduling of initial candidate interviews
  • Coordination of logistics for on-campus visits
  • Financial accounting of faculty searches
  • Reimbursements and Honoraria
  • Faculty office supplies
  • Faculty book order assistance
  • Collection and posting of course syllabi
  • Coordination of faculty conference calls
  • Coordination of classroom changes
  • General information resource for faculty
  • Payroll for Student Hires (non work-study)

Carmen Jones
Administrative Assistants
Phone:  x18218 (909.621.8218)
E-Mail: DoFcore@pitzer.edu


The standard format for e-mail addresses at Pitzer is: firstname_lastname@pitzer.edu
Office Directory
Faculty Directory
Staff Directory
Student Directory: Unpublished; send e-mail to firstname_lastname@pitzer.edu.
Printable Office, Faculty & Staff Directory for 2013-14 (PDF)

Student(s) in Your Class: https://mycampus2.pitzer.edu/ics/Faculty/Default_Page.jnz?portlet=My_Classes
Login to Portal > Select Term > Click on “Search” > Select “Class List” (from the drop-down menu next to course) > Check “Email” box > Scroll to bottom of page > Click on “Email Selected Students”

Claremont Colleges Telephone Directory: http://phone.cuc.claremont.edu/phone/online_dir/ (Please note that this link doesn’t work from off campus without vpn.)

Duplicating Services

The Duplicating Office is located in Bernard 111. Hours are 8:00 am-5:00pm and closed from noon-1:00pm. Office Supervisor, Lynda Casey, and Office Assistant, Brooke Atha, can be reached at x18461 (909.621.8461) or by e-mail at duplicating@pitzer.edu. Visit the Duplicating Services website for more information.


Print Jobs 20 Pages or Less
Photocopiers are available on the second floors of Bernard Hall, Broad Center, and Fletcher Hall.
Full time faculty are provided with an allowance of 2000 copies for duplicating single copies of class-related, professional, and research materials. Each faculty member must inform DoFcore@pitzer.edu of the 4-digit code he or she would like to use for the photocopier closest to his or her office. For problems with your code, contact DoFcore@pitzer.edu.

Large Jobs and Multiple Copies
The Office of Duplicating Services provides reproduction of original copy (B&W or Color), collating and stapling of materials, binding, paper cutting, folding and inserting, and other services with advanced notice.

To initiate a job request, a duplicating request form must be completed for record/billing purposes. These forms are available in the Duplicating Office and in the Faculty Support Center.

Faculty may also send requests via e-mail to duplicating@pitzer.edu with specific instructions (e.g., double-sided pages, collated, number of copies, etc.)

The form below is required for all book copy requests submitted to Duplicating. For further instructions please visit the Duplicating Services webpage.

Copyright Infringement Release Form

Full-color scanning services are available through the Office of Duplicating Services. Scanned documents and images can be placed on a CD-ROM or uploaded to a faculty member’s Sakai website with advanced notice. To initiate a job request, bring your materials to Bernard 111. For further information, contact Lynda Casey, Supervisor for Duplicating Services, at x18461 (909.621.8461) or by e-mail.

Course Packets
In order to assure compliance with federal copyright laws, Duplicating Services does not print course packets that contain copyrighted material (see http://fairuse.stanford.edu/Copyright_and_Fair_Use_Overview/chapter7/7-a.html for information on course packets and copyright law). Huntley Bookstore will seek permissions for copyrighted materials and make your course packets available for sale to your students with advance notice. To use this service, please contact Tony Pierucci, Text Manager, at x73783 (909.607.3783. To discuss other options for making copyrighted materials available to your students, please contact Lynda Casey, Supervisor for Duplicating Services, at x18461 (909.621.8461).

Please allow as much time as possible to complete all requests, particularly during peak times (e.g., start of semester, mid-semester, and finals).
For further information, visit the Duplicating Services web pages or contact Lynda Casey, Supervisor for Duplicating Services, at x18461 (909.621.8461) or by e-mail.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, medical or otherwise, contact Campus Safety at x72000. Dialing any other number (including 911) will direct the emergency crews to the official address on file for the College (1050 N. Mills Avenue). The delay in finding the medical emergency from this misdirection could be costly.

The College has compiled a handbook of procedures for preparing for, dealing with, and reporting a variety of emergency situations such as medical emergencies, earthquake, fire, lockdown incidents, hazardous material spills, crime and violence, bomb threats, and utility failures.
Evacuation Map
Emergency Procedures for Faculty, Staff, Students & Visitors

For Immediate Assistance
Emergency Message Hotline: 1.800.448.0082
Campus Safety: 909.607.2000
Student Information: 909.621.8241
Staff/Faculty Information: 909.621.8254
Office of Communications: 909.621.8219

Event Planning

If you are planning an event you can arrange for it to be catered through Bon Appetit Dining Services at x79309 (909.607.9309) or email Elizabeth.Sepulveda@cafebonappetit.com. If you would like to reserve a room on campus please go to the room reservation website.


Exam Proctoring
Faculty members are expected to proctor their own exams. However, if there is a faculty emergency, please email DoFcore@pitzer.edu or call (909) 621.8218.

Final Exams and Spring Reading Days
Final exams take place the week after classes end. In the Fall, the last day of class is a Friday. In the Spring, the last day of class is a Wednesday, and the two days following are designated Reading Days, during which no classes are normally held. For more information, see the Academic Calendar.

Senior Finals
In the Spring, all graduating seniors must take their finals before the Final Exam period—specifically, no earlier than the last week of classes and no later than noon on the second Reading Day (when senior grades are due).

Faculty Handbook

The Pitzer College Faculty Handbook is a compilation of College bylaws, the processes and structures of governance, and policies and procedures. As such, it is the core document of College governance, guiding the campus community’s decision-making on a broad range of issues.
Faculty Handbook

Faculty Offices

Voicemail Set-Up
Requests for voice mailboxes must be submitted on a Voice Mail request form via the CUC Phone Office web page. Once the form is received and processed, activation instructions will be e-mailed to the person who submitted the request. Please contact the Phone Office at x18297 if you have any questions or visit the Website at www.cuc.claremont.edu/phone/.

Office Supplies
Most office supplies are available in the Scott Hall Core. For assistance, call x18218 (909.621.18218), e-mail DoFcore@pitzer.edu, or stop by the Scott Hall Core.

If you wish to have an ergonomic evaluation of your workspace, contact Kiara Canjura at x18254 (909.621.8254). She will coordinate an evaluation of your workspace with the CUC Environmental Health & Safety Specialist, Chauncey Jones.

Facilities Work Order
There are three ways to make a routine service request:
1. Submit the Online Service Request Form.
2. Call Facilities at x72226 (909.607.2226).
3. In person at the Facilities Service Desk, McConnell Basement.
The most efficient way to submit a work request is to use the Online Service Request Form.

Faculty-in-Residence Program

The Faculty-in-Residence (FiR) Program integrates two selected faculty members and their families into the residence halls, where they live and interact with students, and implement educational, social, and cultural programs. Faculty-in-Residence normally serve a two-year term. This program is overseen by the Office of Student Affairs, which solicits applications from Pitzer faculty when openings are available. For more info, contact Katie Purvis-Roberts, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty.


The faculty fax number is 909.621.8481 and is located in the Faculty Support Center in Scott Hall 113.

Field Trips

Limited funds are available for class trips. Prior to your field trip, e-mail your Faculty Administrative Assistant, Carlos Alvarez or James Rodriguez, a request, including a brief description and an itemized budget. Early requests will receive funding priority. Pitzer van rental requests can be made directly with your Faculty Administrative Assistant.

Food Services

McConnell Dining Hall
McConnell Dining Hall is the Pitzer College’s dining hall. Three meals are served daily, Monday through Friday, and brunch and dinner are served on weekends. The dining hall is located on the main floor of McConnell Center and is open during the following times in the fall and spring semester:


Breakfast – 7:30-9:30 am
Continental Breakfast – 9:30-10 am
Lunch – 11:15 am-1:30 pm
Dinner – 5-7 pm

Saturday and Sunday
Brunch – 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Dinner – 5-6:30 pm

Prices for Faculty: Breakfast – $6.00; Lunch – $7.75; Dinner – $9.50

The Pit-Stop Café
The Pit-Stop is located in Bernard Hall and serves coffee, espresso drinks, gourmet sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruit cups, juice and freshly baked pastries. There is free printing and wireless Internet access. Both cash and Claremont Cash are accepted. The Pit-Stop Café has gift cards that can be purchased in $5 increments, starting at $10. The cards can be used to purchase any food or beverage item in the café. Gift cards must be purchased with cash and can only be used at the Pit-Stop Café.
Hours (academic year)
Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm

The Shake-Down Café, Gold Student Center
The Shake-Down Café is entirely student founded and operated. All food is created from scratch using fresh Certified Organic and/or locally produced ingredients.
Hours (academic year)
Sunday-Thursday 6 to 11 pm

The Grove House
The Grove House kitchen offers a daily menu that includes a homemade lunch entree, sandwiches, bagels, fresh baked cookies, coffee, tea, and an assortment of fresh juices. The house also regularly hosts a variety of events, including poetry readings and musical performances.
Hours (academic year)
Weekdays from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturdays from 12 noon – 3 pm
Sunday-Thursday from 7 pm – 11 pm


Online Submission

  • Grades are submitted electronically using the MyCampus2 Portal.
    • Log in to the MyCampus2 Portal using the same log in you use for your computer.
    • Click on the Grade Entry tab.
    • Select the correct semester for grading.
    • Select the course for which you would like to submit or change grades.
    • Enter the grades for each student.
    • Press submit.
    • Make sure to double check that your grades were submitted properly.
    For further instructions please see the Portal Manual.

Low Grades

  • Low Grade Notices are submitted electronically using the MyCampus2 Portal.
    • Log in to the MyCampus2 Portal using the same log in you use for your computer.
    • Click on the Low Grade Notification link on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions.
    For further instructions please see the Portal Manual.

If you have problems logging in to your account please e-mail help@pitzer.edu or contact IT directly at 909.607.3065.

If you are having trouble finding a class, submitting your grades, or navigating through the menus please contact the Office of the Registrar for further assistance.

ID Cards and Claremont Cash

ID cards are issued at the Claremont Card Center, which is located in the South Lounge of Honnold-Mudd Library, between the south entrance and the Café.

You may add monetary value to your ID Cards, like a prepaid debit card. This money can be used at a variety of locations on and off campus. You can make deposits online using a credit or debit card, or in person at CUC’s Connection, CMC’s Hub Store, and Pomona’s Coop Store or over the phone during business hours at (909) 607-2273 or (909) 607-3969.


On-Campus Locations that accept Claremont Cash

You may add monetary value to your ID Cards, like a prepaid debit card. This money can be used at a variety of locations on and off campus. You can make deposits online using a credit or debit card, or in person at CUC’s Connection, CMC’s Hub Store, and Pomona’s Coop Store or over the phone during business hours at (909) 607-2273 or (909) 607-3969. ]

On-Campus Locations that accept Claremont Cash

Frank Dining Hall, Pomona College
Frary Dining Hall, Pomona College
Oldenborg Dining Hall, Pomona College
Malott Commons, Scripps College
Collins Dining Hall, Claremont McKenna College
Hoch-Shanahan Dining Hall, Harvey Mudd College
McConnell Dining Hall, Pitzer College

Claremont Card Center
Honnold/Mudd Library
Copy Center
Huntley Bookstore
Student Health Services


The Hub Grill
The Hub Store
Select Laundry Rooms

Hixon Court Coffee Cart
Jay’s Place
Case and West Laundry Rooms
Select Vending Machines

The Grove House
The Shakedown, Gold Student Center
The Pit-Stop Café, Bernard Hall/Scott Courtyard
Laundry Rooms
Copy Machine in Gold Student Center

The Coop Fountain
The Coop Store
The Sagehen Café
Laundry Rooms
Select Vending Machines

The Motley
Scripps Store
Laundry Rooms

Off-Campus Locations
Many off-campus business in Claremont accept Claremont Cash. Look for the Claremont Cash logo at their locations.

Mail Center

For a list of services provided by the Mail Center, visit their website.

The mailroom also offers Federal Express Delivery. You must obtain permission from the Dean of Faculty’s Office for any work-related Fed Ex packages.
If you need help opening your mail box or have lost your combination please contact the Dean of Faculty’s Office at x18218 (909.621.8218).

Pitzer College Mail Center
Atherton Hall 101
Hours of Operation: M-F, 8 am-5 pm
909.607.3827 (ext. 73827)

Meal Passes

Each full-time faculty member is allotted one lunch per week in the McConnell Dining Hall. The weekly lunch allotment is added to your ID card at the beginning of each semester.

If you wish to have a meal in the McConnell Dining Hall with students who are not on the meal plan or with guest speakers/special visitors, please request meal passes from your Faculty Administrative Assistant, Carlos Alvarez or James Rodriguez.

Parking/Guest Passes

There are designated parking spots for Pitzer faculty and staff in the following locations:

  • Mills Avenue, western border of the Pitzer Campus, north of 9th
  • North parking lot of W.M. Keck Science Building
  • East Mesa parking lot, accessible from 9th, on the east border of campus.
  • Claremont McKenna parking lot, accessible from 9th, south of McConnell Center (card access only)

If you are expecting a guest on campus, you may request a temporary parking permit. Please contact Human Resources at x79436 (909. 607.9436) for more details.

Paycheck Schedule

Paychecks are distributed monthly on the 26th, and by default are sent to your mailbox on campus.

You may choose to have paychecks sent to your home address. Human Resources also offers a direct deposit. If you have any questions about the process or to change how your paycheck is handled, please contact Hortensia Lopez at x74597 (909.607.4597).


  • You can link to registration page via the portal. The registration page includes:
    • How to Register & FAQs
    • Educational Objectives
    • Registration Form
    • 5-College Course Schedule
    • Permission to Enroll printable form
    • Course Scheduling Worksheet
    • New & Revised Courses
    • Anticipated Course Offerings for next semester
  • Services available via the portal include:
    • Grade Submission*
    • Low Grade Submission*
    • Class lists*
    • Advisee rosters**
    • Registration Clearance*
    • PERMission requests from students
    • When you receive a permission request you can grant the student permission from the portal, you should not respond the automated e-mail that was sent to you.

For further instructions please see the Portal Manual.

*Always make sure you select the current Semester when trying to access data.
**Select Active advisee list for a list of current advisees.

Professional Development

Watch for e-mails from Rachel Durkin to faculty regarding Fellowship opportunities that are received in the Office of the Dean of Faculty.

Early in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year, a call is put out for proposals to full-time faculty for research, curriculum development, and publication funding. The maximum award is $2,500 per academic year.

Applications are due to Rachel Durkin, Scott Hall 109, by 5:00pm on or before the deadline each semester, which are normally the first week in October and the first week in February.
Download the application cover sheet.

For more information contact Rachel at x73450 (909.607.3450).

Reimbursements & Honoraria

Most reimbursements and honoraria are processed by Rachel Durkin, Scott Hall 109.

Events funded through Campus Life Committee and the Teaching and Learning Committee are processed by Rachel Durkin, Scott Hall 109.

Reimbursement from Research Funds
Reimbursement from research funds require submission of original receipts, accompanied by an itemization of expenses and research purpose.

Travel Reimbursement
For travel reimbursements, please submit original receipts to your Faculty Administrative Assistant, Carlos Alvarez or James Rodriguez, along with a completed Travel Report Form.

Reimbursements for Mileage
Mileage for business purposes, including conferences, is reimbursed at $.575 per mile, not to exceed round-trip airfare. The Mileage Reimbursement Form must be completed and a Mapquest file attached as documentation.

Reimbursement for Meals
Reimbursement for meals must include the original itemized receipts: both credit card copy and itemized copy of bill. Business purpose and names of all those present must also be included.

Reimbursement for Events Funded Through Campus Life Committee
For events funded through Campus Life Committee, please save your original receipts and submit all accompanying relevant documentation, including event announcement/flyer and any relevant W-9 forms, to Rachel Durkin to process for reimbursement.

Honoraria are mailed out to guest speakers after they have visited.  For an honorarium to be processed, the person receiving it must complete and sign a W-9 form, which must be submitted to your Faculty Administrative Assistant, for class speakers and Campus Life events.

Room Reservations

Room Reservation Policies

Pitzer is fortunate to have a selection of several sophisticated multi-use rooms available for use by faculty, students and staff. These spaces include Benson Auditorium, Broad Center Performance Space, McConnell Founders Room, McConnell Living Room, Pitzer Archive and Conference Center (available 2013), and the West Hall P-104 Mac Lab. In order to contribute to the functionality and longevity of these rooms and to make the highest and best use of them for the maximum number of people, all Pitzer community members are asked to adhere to room use policies for these spaces.Please refer to the link above for specific space policies, capacity, and amenities.

If you have any questions or need additional information prior to requesting to use these spaces through EMS, please do not hesitate to contact DoFcore@Pitzer.edu.


To reserve spaces, please use the Event Management System (EMS). For classroom assignments, please see the section above on Classrooms.

To reserve the Broad Hall Computer Lab 101/103, please use the Lab Reservation System. Click on the room you would like to reserve and fill out the request form that appears on the screen. For questions, please the Computer Lab Manager at x72761 (909.607.2761).

For audio visual support, please contact Audio Visual Services at x72638 (909.607.2638).

Scholar-in-Residence Program

The Scholar-in-Residence Program provides course release from committee work and a reduced teaching load for one semester to allow a faculty member to work on his or her research. The faculty member is expected to offer a seminar-style course centered on his or her research during the semester of the award. The call for proposals is sent out to the faculty in late fall. Scholar-in-Residence positions are awarded per academic year, and as such, the program is competitive.

Eligibility & Details: Faculty Handbook, Section V.R.2

Summer Session

Pitzer offers two intensive six-week terms. All courses are taught by Claremont Colleges faculty and established adjuncts. Please visit Summer Session or email summersession@pitzer.edu for more information.


Tutoring in Math, Economics, Chemistry, Physics, and Psych Stats is available through the Office of the Dean of Students. Tutoring in other areas is sometimes possible on a case-by-case basis. For further information or to recommend tutors for your class, contact Associate Dean of Students/Director of Academic Support Services Jill Hawthorne, at x73553 (909.607.3553).

Math Tutoring is available every semester. For times and locations, contact any member of the Mathematics field group.

The Writing Center offers student writers free one-on-one conferences with experienced fellow writers trained to consult on writing assignments, application essays, and cover letters.

For information and hours, visit the Writing Center Website.

Work Study Students

To hire work-study students, please contact Tammy Muir in Career Services at x18519 or tammy_muir@pitzer.edu. Tammy or another staff member in Career services will assist faculty members with the on-line job form and connect faculty with the Office of Financial Aid at the appropriate point in the process.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers student writers free one-on-one conferences with experienced fellow writers trained to consult on writing assignments, application essays, and cover letters.

For information and hours, visit the Writing Center website.