Point People for Requests

Dean of Faculty’s Office
If you are not sure whom to contact, please e-mail dofcore@pitzer.edu or dial 621-8218, and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate person.
All phone numbers are 909 area code. From on-campus phones, dial the last 5 digits.
Academic Program Reviews
WASC Liaison Officer (ALO) Melinda Herrold-Menzies 607-7960
Academic Advising Kathy Yep 607-7304
Assessment Marco Antonio Cruz 607-9645
Book Orders Faculty A-Z
Classes and Classrooms
Class Cancellations Designated F.A.A.
Classroom Changes Designated F.A.A.
Committees – General
Assignments, Eligibility, Notifications
Minutes, Standing Committees – Collect and Post to Sakai
Year-End Reports for Standing Committees – Collect and Post to Sakai
Committees – Membership and Support
Academic Standards Committee – Support 621-8217
Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee (APT) – Support Katrina Sitar 621-8278
Campus Life (Related Reimbursement Requests) – Support Natalie Rosales 607-3450
Curriculum Committee – Dean of Faculty Representative 621-8217
Educational Policy Committee (EPC) – Support
Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) – Support Shannan Boss 621-8217
Faculty Meeting – Support Shannan Boss 621-8217
Institutional Review Board (IRB) – Chair Thomas Borowski 607-3808
Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) РSupport  Natalie Rosales  607-3450
Course Catalog, Collect and Publish Changes Registrar’s Office 607-2650
Course Forms, Collect and Process Registrar’s Office 607-2650
Course Syllabi, Collect and Post on Sakai Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Dean of Faculty’s Office
Appointments with the Dean/VP for Academic Affairs Shannan Boss 621-8217
General Information Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Reception Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Desk Copies Faculty A-Z
Faculty A-Z Maintenance Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Faculty Files & Reports
Appointments to View Files Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Annual Reports – Collection Shannan Boss 621-8217
Sabbatical Reports – Collection Shannan Boss 621-8217
CVs – Collection Shannan Boss 621-8217
Faculty Handbook Katrina Sitar 621-8278
Faculty Hiring Requests, Adjunct Katrina Sitar 621-8278
Faculty – Pre-Tenure Mentoring & Support
Faculty APT Reviews Katrina Sitar 621-8278
Faculty Searches 621-8218
Faxes: Send/Receive for College Business Duplicating 621-8461
Fellowships: Student Outreach, Programming, and Advising Sandy Hamilton 607-9108
First-Year Seminars Brian Keeley 607-4235
Immigration Concerns for Faculty Marni Bobich 607-8533
Mailboxes and Keys Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Meetings: Online Meeting Scheduling Software Instruction Designated F.A.A.
New Faculty
Office Hours and Class Schedules, Collect Designated F.A.A.
Payroll: Student Hires (non-work-study) Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Personnel Files & Faculty Reports
Appointments to View Files Katrina Sitar 621-8278
Annual Reports – Collection Shannan Boss 621-8217
Sabbatical Reports – Collection Shannan Boss 621-8217
CVs – Collection Shannan Boss 621-8217
Photocopying Duplicating Services duplicating@pitzer.edu
Postings and Notices Designated F.A.A.
Printers and Copiers, Troubleshooting and Supplies Designated F.A.A.
Printing Envelopes and Letters on College Letterhead Designated F.A.A.
Proctoring Exams during Emergencies Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Reimbursements and Honoraria Natalie Rosales 607-3450
Research and Grant Opportunities
External Grants Cece Manoochehri 607-8618
Pitzer Research and Award Fund, Faculty and Students Natalie Rosales 607-3450
Room Reservations Online Reservation System 607-2226
Eligibility Questions Katrina Sitar 621-8278
Notifications, Approvals Shannan Boss 621-8217
How to Apply Shannan Boss 621-8217
Scholar-in-Residence Program Shannan Boss 621-8217
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Marni Bobich 607-8533
Website – Academic Affairs Pages Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Page last updated on June 15, 2017