Staff Directory

Area code is 909.
Prefix for phone extensions that begin with the number 1: 621.xxxx
Prefix for phone extensions that begin with the number 7: 607.xxxx
Printable 2013-14 Pitzer College directory (PDF)

President’s Office FAX 621.8479
President Laura Skandera Trombley Broad Ctr 219 621.8198
Associate VP/Secretary to the Board of Trustees Jennifer Berkley Broad Ctr 217 621.8614/621.8198
Executive Assistant to the President Melanie Lacy Broad Ctr 218 621.8198
Administrative Assistant to the President Evinnie Casanova Broad Ctr 216 607.8553
Archivist Stacy Elliott Marquis Library, Mead Hall 621.8810/607.0670
Office of the Dean of Faculty FAX 607.7880
Vice President/Dean of Faculty Muriel Poston Scott 115 607.4133
Assistant to the VP/DOF Shannan Boss Scott 114B 621.8217
Associate Dean of Faculty Katie Purvis-Roberts Scott 110 607.9782
Director of Faculty Services Katrina Sitar Scott 112 621.8278
Financial & Technical Support Coordinator Rachel Durkin Scott 109 607.3450
Faculty Administrative Assistant Jennifer Markovski Scott 114 621.8218
Faculty Administrative Assistant Karina Rodriguez Scott 114 621.8218
Sponsored Research & IRB Administrator Cece Manoochehri Fletcher 205 607.8618
Faculty Fax 621.8481
Office of Admission & Financial Aid FAX 621.8770
Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Angel B. Pérez Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 621.8129
Executive Assistant to the Vice President Gloria Romo Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 607.7163
Director Jamila Everett Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 621.8129
Associate Director Santiago Ybarra Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 621.8129
Associate Director Owen Wolf Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 621.8129
Admission Counselor Sarah Fischer Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 621.8129
Admission Counselor Kazeem O. Tijani Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 621.8129
Assistant Director Mattie Ross Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 621.8129
Operations Manager Kristina Kelpe Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 607.4419/621.8129
Assistant for Data/File Management Lydia Plasencia Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 607.4573/621.8129
Office Assistant Lesley Malinoski Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 607.3638/621.8129
Office Assistant Angela Tilley Pitzer Hall 1st Floor 607.2639/621.8129
Financial Aid FAX 607.1205
Director Robin Thompson McConnell 320 621.8208/607.3822
Associate Director Maryville N. Tuzon McConnell 320 621.8208/607.3822
Financial Aid Counselor Catherine Acosta McConnell 320 621.8208/607.3822
Financial Aid Assistant Gabby Ramirez McConnell 320 621.8208
Office of College Advancement FAX 621.8539
Vice President Adrian Stevens Broad Center 101 607.8684
Associate Vice President Holly Preble Broad Center 101 621.8808
Executive Assistant to the VP Rita Watts Broad Center 101 607.8123
Executive Director Jim Marchant Broad Center 101 607.7977
Office Manager Sandy Reeves Broad Center 101 621.8815
Administrative Assistant for Development Rhonda Fonseca Broad Center 101 607.7337
Administrative Associate Dana Pike Broad Center 101 621.8834
Advancement Services
Director Carol Holtrust Broad Center 607.4670
Assistant Director Raven Carnes Broad Center 607.8834
Gift Accounting Manager Monique John Broad Center 621.8817
Alumni & Parent Relations
Senior Director TBD Broad Center 101 621.8814
Assistant Director, Parent Relations Christine Bueras Broad Center 101 607.9410
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations Samantha Brumley Broad Center 101 607.4030
Administrative Assistant Jenna Siriani Broad Center 101 607.3145
Annual & Leadership Giving
Director Valerie Javier Broad Center 101 607.9351
Coordinator Ashley Khawsy Broad Center 101 621.8432
Foundation Relations & Faculty Support
Director, Foundation Relations Jim Stricks Avery Hall 216 607.9451
Major Gifts, Research & Stewardship
Major Gifts Officer Stephen Tanenbaum Broad Center 101 607.3731
Major Gifts Officer Pamela Jones-Tintle Broad Center 101 607.4647
Research Coordinator Danielle Brown ’08 Broad Center 101 621.9778
Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Communications Brenda Bolinger Broad Center 101 607.8683
Office of Communications FAX 621.8798
Vice President for Communications, Marketing & Public Relations Mark Bailey Mead 130 621.8219
Senior Director for Communications and Media Relations Anna Chang Mead 130 607.0491
Web Architect Laurie Babcock Mead 130 607.7756
Senior Graphic Designer Stephanie Estrada Mead 130 607.3163
Graphic Designer Terry Vuong Mead 130 621.8041
Coordinator/Web Assistant Joseph Dickson Mead 130 621.8219
Writer/Copy Editor Susan Warmbrunn Mead 130 607.8293
Video Producer/Editor Scott R. Phillips Mead 130 607.9728
Office of Student Affairs FAX 607.7136
Vice President Brian Carlisle Scott 123 621.8241
Assistant to the VP Katie Tewell Scott 120 607.2821
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students Moya Carter Scott 121 607.4176
Associate Dean/Director of Academic Support Services Jill Hawthorne Scott 122 607.3553
Associate Dean/Director, Career Services Matthew Donato Scott 126 621.8519
Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life Drew Herbert GSC 607.7492
Assistant Director of Residential Life & Summer Programs Tressi Mehana Chun East Sanborn C228 607.3132
Director of Residential Life & Summer Programs Kirsten Laufenberg Pitzer Hall 607.3896
Director, Student Activities and Orientation Alayna Session-Goins GSC 607.2988
Student Affairs Assistant/Receptionist Sue Grier Scott 120 621.8241
Van Office Student Staff GSC 607.3896
Coordinator, Substance Abuse Education and Outreach Brendan Thyne Mead Hall 607.7152
Residence Halls
Residence Director & Student Activities Coordinator – West & East Halls Leticia Maldondo West Hall 607.4119/621.8241
Residence Director – Mead Hall Annie Greaney Mead 109 607.4110/621.8241
Residence Director – Pitzer, Atherton & Sanborn Halls Bruce Aquino 607.4118/621.8241
Office of the Treasurer FAX 621.8415
Vice President for Admin./Treasurer Yuet K. Lee McConnell 316 621.8243
Executive Assistant to the VP Pati LaBelle McConnell 314 621.8243
Associate VP for Admin/Associate Treasurer Lori M. Yoshino McConnell 315 621.8856
Assistant Controller Angela Chan McConnell 320 607.3668
Senior Financial Analyst Charlotte Martinson McConnell 320 621.8705
Administrative Assistant Edie Cross McConnell 313 607.8531
Arboretum & Grounds Manager Joe Clements Mead Hall 607.3608
Lead Groundskeeper Nicholas Galindo Arboretum 607.3608
Groundskeeper Chris VanDemark Arboretum 607.3608
Groundskeeper David Vicente Arboretum 607.3608
Audio-Visual Services
Manager of Instructional Services Victor Milhon-Martin McConnell 100 607.2638
Benson Auditorium & Conference Center Manager Henry Fernández McConnell 100 607.9595
Career Services FAX 607.7058
Associate Dean/Director, Career Services Matthew Donato Scott 126A 621.8519
Assistant Director Teresa Flores Roberts Scott 126 621.8519
Career Counselor Linda Bunch Scott 126 621.8519
Administrative Assistant Tammy Muir Scott 126 621.8519
Center for Asian Pacific American Students (CAPAS)
Coordinator Linda Lam Mead Hall 132 607.9815
International Programs & Study Abroad
Assistant Vice President for Study Abroad & International Programs Michael Ballagh West Hall Suite Q108 621.8104
Associate Dean Kebokile Dengu-Zvobgo West Hall Suite Q107 607.3609
Director, Pitzer Programs & Intercultural Education Michael Donahue West Hall Suite Q101 621.8104
Director of International Programs/
Student Adviser
Todd Sasaki West Hall Suite Q105 621.8308
Director, Study Abroad & International Program Services Jamie Francis West Hall Suite Q103 607.3278
Assistant Director, Study Abroad & International Program Services Karen Casey West Hall Suite Q104 607.4648
Program Assistant Denette Hardy West Hall Suite Q100 607.1228
Program Directors Abroad
Interim Director, Pitzer in Botswana Batsirai “Batsi” Chidzodzo Botswana
Director, Pitzer in China Xiaomei Wang China
Director, Pitzer in Costa Rica Isabel Argüello-Chavez Costa Rica
Director, Pitzer in Ecuador Sebastian Granda Ecuador
Director, Pitzer in Nepal Margie Donahue Nepal
Director, Pitzer Summer Exchange in Japan Mike Donahue Japan
California International Studies and Education Project (CISEP)
Site Director Michelle Dymerski Broad Hall 205 607.9399
Claremont Infant Study Center
Director David Moore Broad Hall 134 607.4236
Community Engagement Center (CEC) FAX 607.8758
Assistant VP/Assistant Professor Tessa Hicks Peterson Scott Hall 108C 607.3061
Assistant Director Tricia Morgan Scott Hall 108B 607.8184
Jumpstart Site Manager Jenessa Flores Atherton 416/417 607.9290
Urban Fellow Adam Williams ’12 Scott Hall 108 607.8183
Urban Fellow Natalie Mendoza ’13 Scott Hall 108 607.8183
Claremont Infant Study Center
Director David Moore Broad Hall 134 607.4236
Cross-Cultural Anthropology
Director R. Lee Munroe Broad Hall Lab 127 607.4500
Custodial Services
Assistant Director,
Facilities & Custodial Services
Mark Crawbuck McConnell 112 607.2226/607.3147
House Manager Vicki Carroll President’s House 607.2226
Lead Building Attendant Carlos Ortega McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Rosa Alvarenga McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant George Ayala McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Cornelia Carey McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Stefan Eatmon McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Bertha Godinez McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Maria E. Guerra McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Idalia Gutierrez McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Nicholas Haskin McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Yolanda Retes McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Esther Rojas McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Miguel Talavera McConnell 113 607.2226
Building Attendant Pepe Vasquez McConnell 113 607.2226
Dining Services FAX 607.1538
Pitzer Manager, Bon Appetit Cindy Bennington McConnell Kitchen 607.8491
Executive Chef / Ops Manager, Bon Appetit Marcos Rios McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Sous Chef Juan Ramos McConnell Kitchen 607.2794
Catering Manager, Bon Appetit Liz Sepulveda McConnell Basement 607.3991
Cashier/Server Margaret Aguilar McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Utility Jamie Aguirre McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Baker Oscar Arroyo McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Flor Aviles McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook – Lead Pantry Concepcion Aviles McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Dee Bryant McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Catering Server/Administrative Assistant Brenda Galvez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cashier/Server Dora Garcia McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cashier/Server Jessica Gonzalez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Utility/Prep Cook Veronica Gonzalez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cashier/Server Fred Guerrero McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Ken Kanasuta McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Utility Gil Lopez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Maria Rosa Lopez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Saul Martinez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Lead Cook Jesus Mendivil McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Lead Catering Ignacio Montes McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Prep Cook Maria Silvana Montes McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Utility Martha Orozco McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cashier Eloisa Ramirez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Utility Miguel Ramirez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Utility Alfonso Ramos McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Terry Rickets McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Rocio Rodriguez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Porter Rodrigo Rosales McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Maria de Jesus Sanchez McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Jose Serna McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Eddie Soto McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Cook Consuelo Tejeda McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Porter Elias Tejeda McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Utility Enrique Valdovinos McConnell Kitchen 607.2788
Duplicating Services FAX 621.8839
Supervisor Lynda Casey Bernard 111 621.8461
Assistant Brooke Atha Bernard 111 621.8461
Facilities & Campus Services FAX 607.7064
Assistant Vice President Larry Burik McConnell 114 607.2226
Facilities Administration Supervisor Nicole Rocha McConnell 113 607.2226
Facilities Operations Assistant Marcia Medina McConnell 113 607.2226
Fletcher Jones Language and Culture Laboratory
Manager Michelle Buscher Broad Hall 209 607.4001
Director/Curator Ciara Ennis Atherton 110 607.3143
Assistant Cheukwa Jones Broad Center 119 607.8797
Grove House
Food Service Manager Zenia Gutierrez Grove House 607.3654
Student Caretaker Justine Oesterle Grove House 607.3655
Human Resources FAX 621.8415
Director Marni Bobich McConnell 311 607.8533
Associate Director Kiara Canjura McConnell 312 621.8254
Senior Payroll Administrator Hortensia Lopez McConnell 312 607.4597
HR Generalist Maricela Rios McConnell 310 607.9436
Information Technology FAX 621.8593
HELP DESK – 607.3065
Bernard Computing Lab Bernard 103 607.4998
Director Robert Goldstein Scott 11A 621.8548
Administrative Assistant Laurie Johnson Scott B11 607.3051
User Services Supervisor Jessica Levy Scott B11 621.8315
User Services Assistant Rick Fisher Scott B11 607.3065
Computing – Technical Services
Assistant Director Kyle Butts Scott B11 607.2879
Server/Desktop Manager Chris Peterson Scott B11 621.8625
Network Technician Andy Miles Scott B11 607.7548
Educational Technology Services
Assistant Director Joanne Zhang Scott B11 607.7124
Educational Technologist Chris Castaneda Scott B11 607.2761
Computing – Administrative Services
CX/Web Applications Support Manager Dennis Crowley Scott B11 621.8546
CX User/Portal Support Manager Angel Jauregui Scott B11 607.9596
CX/Web Programmer Jonathan Soon Scott B11 607.7547
CX/Portal Programmer James Nguyen Scott B11 607.1287
Institute for Global-Local Action & Study (IGLAS)
Associate Dean & Director, Global-Local Programs/IGLAS Chair in Political Studies Nigel Boyle Fletcher 202 607.3770
Sr. Administrator for IGLAS/Assoc. Director, Fellowships & Scholarships Sandy Hamilton Fletcher 204 607.9108
Institutional Research and Assessment
Director, Institutional Research Jason E. Rivera Avery 105 607.7283
IR Assistant Bret Levine Avery 105 607.7283
Intercollegiate Department of Africana Studies FAX 621.8796
Chair Sheila Walker Pomona: Lincoln Hall 607.3056
Administrative Coordinator Sonya Young Pomona: Lincoln Hall 10-105 607.3070
Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies
Chair Kathy Yep Pomona-Lincoln Hall 607.9508
Administrative Assistant Madeline Gosiaco Pomona-Lincoln Hall 607.9508
Intercollegiate Media Studies
Academic Director Elizabeth Affuso West Hall Q122 607.7025
Assistant Margaret Ellsworth West Hall 607.0687
Intercollegiate Neuroscience Program
Academic Director Thomas Borowski Broad Hall 135 607.3808
Maintenance Services
Asst. Director, Maint. Ops & Construction Bev Lloyd McConnell 116 607.2226
Systems Maintenance Technician Brian Geurts McConnell 117 607.2226
Painter Erwin Meyers McConnell 117 607.2226
Lead Maintenance Mechanic Danny Salazar McConnell 117 607.2226
Maintenance Mechanic Dominic Salcido McConnell 117 607.2226
Mail Center
Supervisor Kathleen Kile Atherton 101 607.3827
Clerk Bryce Sternquist Atherton 101 607.3827
Media Studies Production Center
Director Stephanie Hutin West Hall Q125 607.3889
Director, Media Studies Production Services Eddie Gonzalez West Hall Q126 607.0015
Global-Local Fellow Edwin Gomez West Hall Q123
Equipment Check-Out Room West Hall Q127 607.3889/607.0015
Pit-Stop Café
General Line Bernard Hall 607.1704
Pitzer in Ontario
Academic Director Susan Phillips Scott 232 607.1268
Urban Fellow Max Estela Ontario House 607.9402
Urban Fellow Arthur Levine ’14 Ontario House 607.9402
Registrar FAX 607.7161
Registrar Eva Peters Fletcher 102A 621.8471/607.3036
Associate Registrar Cheryl Morales Fletcher 102B 607.2650/607.3036
Graduate Coordinator Janet Monell Schwing Fletcher 102 621.8363/607.3036
Technical Assistant Victorya Piehl Fletcher 102 607.2650/607.3036
Transcript & Records Specialist Jazminne Bailey Fletcher 102 607.2650/607.3036
Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability
Director Lance Neckar Bernard 219 607.9424
Sustainability Coordinator Jesse Meisler-Abramson Bernard 216 607.9424
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow Rachel Warburton Bernard 216 607.9402
Student Accounts FAX 607.8862
Student Accounts Supervisor Garrett Terrones McConnell 320 607.8410
Student Accounts Assistant Colleen Duval McConnell 320 621.8191
Vaccine Institute
Academic Director Larry Grill Fletcher 101 607.9134
Junior Specialist Ana Mitchell Fletcher 101 607.9134
Writing Center
Director/Assistant Professor of Academic Writing Andrea Scott Scott 200C 607.4133
Coordinator Jenny Thomas Mead 131 607.4321
W.M. Keck Science Department FAX 621.8588
Dean David Hansen Keck Sci Ctr 111 607.2565/621.8298
Assistant to Dean/Program Administrator Velda Ross Keck Sci Ctr 110 621.8298
President of the world Maricela rios 5555-555
Lab Lecturer/Biology Susan Schenk Keck Sci Ctr 11 607.4018
Lab Lecturer/Chemistry Thomas Davis Keck Sci Ctr 239 607.0714
Lab Lecturer/Chemistry Jennifer Luft Keck Sci Ctr 104A 607.0924
Lab Lecturer/Physics Thomas Dershem Keck Sci Ctr 136 607.7542
Integrated Science Lab Director Jennifer Hull Keck Sci Complex II 103 607.9176
Mgr.,KSD Technology & Scientific Instrumentation Boyle Ke Keck Sci Ctr 41 621.8819
Instrumentation Support Tech. Walter Cook Keck Sci Ctr 136 607.5001
Departmental Coordinator Detlef Ott Keck Sci Ctr 05 607.3049
Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow Kristin Slade Keck Sci Ctr 239 607.2594
Administrative Assistant Deanna Reeves Keck Sci Ctr 110 607.7014
Administrative Assistant Lynette Vanderwielen Keck Sci Ctr 110 621.8489
Pre-Health Professions Adviser Jill Jones Keck Sci Str 4B 621.8275
Director, Sponsored Research Bidushi Bhattacharya Keck Sci Ctr 103 607.0332
Chemical Hygiene Officer Helen Tang Keck Sci Ctr 40 607.3933