Financial Aid for International Students

The goal of the admission program is to enroll a diverse student body that exemplifies the core values of Pitzer, and when brought together in Claremont, our students will inspire and challenge one another, and begin the work of changing the world. Embedded in this goal is educating our students to work and live in a global community, and enrolling students from all over the world enhances and enriches the curriculum.  Pitzer College is pleased to begin offering financial aid for the 2014-2015 academic year to our international applicants who require financial assistance in order to attend.
Because limited financial resources are available to international students, Pitzer will only be able to offer financial aid to a small number of international students. It is important to know that Pitzer takes financial need into consideration for international applicants during the admission process and it is a highly selective process. However, if admitted, the financial aid award will meet the student’s full demonstrated need in the form of scholarship assistance and/or work study.  International students who are admitted and indicate that they are not seeking financial aid are not eligible to apply for financial aid at any time during their four years at Pitzer College. If a significant life event were to occur while an international student is at Pitzer, and the family is unable to contribute to college costs, the student would have the opportunity to appeal for financial assistance, however financial aid availability cannot be guaranteed. We strongly encourage all international students who require financial aid to attend Pitzer apply for aid at the time of admission.

Applying for Financial Aid

All international applicants who require financial aid to attend Pitzer must indicate on the Common Application that they are seeking financial aid.  All international students, regardless of whether they are seeking financial aid, must submit an International Student Certification of Finances [add link] to the Office of Admission.

Students who are applying for financial aid must also complete the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE online by the published deadlines.

Students who are admitted to Pitzer must then submit a translated copy of their parents’ most recent tax return and wage statements to the Financial Aid Office no later than May 1.

Merit Aid for International Students

International students who apply for admission will be considered for Pitzer’s merit-based Trustee Scholarship.  The Trustee Scholarship is a $5,000 annual scholarship that is renewed for up to four years as long as the student continues to meet satisfactory academic progress and is enrolled at least half-time. International students do no need to submit an additional application to be considered for a merit scholarship.

International Student Employment

International students are not eligible to receive Federal Work Study funding. However, all non-federal work study job postings are available online through Claremont CONNECT, which is administered by the Career Services Office.

Student Loans for International Students

International students are not eligible for federal loans or institutional loans. However, international students may choose to consider private educational loans to help finance the cost of college. International students who wish to borrow a private loan will need to have a credit-worthy co-signor who is a US citizen or permanent resident.