Student Learning Outcomes

The goal of the Financial Aid Office is for prospective and current students who interact with the Financial Aid Office to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

  1. Through a variety of forms of communication with the Financial Aid Office, prospective students and their families will understand that financial aid provides “access” and “choice” to students who need assistance to attend Pitzer College.
  2. Through information provided by the Financial Aid Office from various printed, electronic and social media, the prospective student and her/his family will understand the types, sources and amounts of financial aid available, the applications required and deadline dates.
  3. By the end of the first semester, the student understands her/his award letter and be able to calculate the amount due to the College.
  4. By the end of the first semester, the student understands her/his responsibility to reapply each year for financial aid.
  5. Through years of enrollment the student develops job skills such as regular attendance, advance notification of absence, appropriate dress, punctuality and accountability
  6. By the time of separation from the College the student understands and accepts her/his responsibility to repay any student loans.
Page last updated on September 26, 2016