Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for 2014-15

Listed below is the basic budget for on-campus students for the 2014-15 academic year, which does not include the cost of travel to the campus.

Semester Year
Tuition (full-time) $23,376 $46,752
Student Activity Fee $134 $268
Total Tuition/Fees
Double $4,250
Single $4,830 $9,660
16 Meal Plan (includes $160 Flex Dollars) $3,115
12 Meal Plan (includes $120 Flex Dollars) $2,855 $5,710
5 Meal Plan (Off Campus Students only) $1,200 $2,400
*Total Cost per Student =
Total Tuition/Fees + Double Room Fee + 16 Meal Plan Fee

Financial aid awards do not cover any lab or course fees, course overload fees, single room fees, the graduation fee, or any other miscellaneous fees not included in the budget listed above. Further, financial aid to New Resources students will not exceed the cost of attendance.

Financial aid for students who wish to participate in a Study Abroad program is granted only for programs sponsored by Pitzer College and approved by the Study Abroad Committee.

Medical insurance is mandatory for all students. All students must have a medical insurance/emergency information sheet on file in the Office of Student Affairs. All students are required to update this form every year. If no proof of medical insurance is provided by the stated deadlines you will be automatically enrolled and billed on The Claremont College’s health plan.

Student Health Insurance Premium

Dates of Coverage
08/29/14 to 08/30/15
08/29/14 to 01/04/15
01/04/15 to 08/30/15
05/13/15 to 08/330/15
Enrollment Deadline
Undergraduate Student

Other Fees

These additional fees are billed to you on your itemized statement from the College.

  • Per course cost (part-time enrollment); $5,844 (full) / $2,922 (half) / $1,461 (quarter)
  • Study Abroad: Comprehensive fee $30,875; Travel contribution $550
  • Course overload fee; $220 per course
  • Vehicle registration fee; $67 per semester
  • Payment plan fee; $50 per semester (non-refundable & subject to change)
  • Returned item fee (Check or ACH); $25 first item/$35 additional items
  • Course fees (listed in the Course Schedule)
  • Redford Center ReSource Program fees
  • Student health services
  • Lab fees
  • Library fines
  • Dorm fines
  • Re-keying charges
  • Traffic citations
  • Private music lessons
  • Other miscellaneous fees

Contact Information

Garrett C. Terrones, Student Accounts Supervisor

Colleen Duval, Student Accounts Assistant

Office of Student Accounts
McConnell 320
1050 N. Mills Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711-6101
Phone: 909.621.8191