Pitzer College Art Galleries

Current Exhibitions

Spring 2017

Faculty Art Show: Tim Berg, Sarah Gilbert, Tarrah Krajnak, Jessica McCoy, and Friends

Co-curated by Bill Anthes and Ciara Ennis
Nichols Gallery

This exhibition focuses on the legacy of the Pitzer College Art Field Group and its dedication to progressive ideas around environmentalism and art. Work made by Tim Berg, Sarah Gilbert, Tarrah Krajnak and Jessica McCoy will be discussed in the context of work made by previous Art Field Group members—Carl Hertel, Michael Woodcock and Kathryn Miller in addition to non-art art faculty that have contributed to the conversation.

Emerging Artists Series #12
Distance In/Formation: Johanna Breiding, Rebecca Bruno, Yann Novak, and Willy Souly

Co-curated by Robert Crouch and Ciara Ennis
Lenzner Family Art Gallery

Los Angeles-based artists Johanna Breiding, Rebecca Bruno, Yann Novak, and Willy Souly will present a new collaborative work made on-site at the Lenzner Gallery. Featuring two media artists and two dancers, the project focuses on the intersection of dance, video, sound and aesthetics as a means to explore the extension of body in architectural space. Inhabiting queer identities, the project creates a space in which different architectures, geographies and subjectivities are manifested and extend beyond the physical constraints of site and the body itself.