Munroe Center for Social Inquiry

ARCHIVE-identityEach academic year, the Ruth and Lee Munroe Center for Social Inquiry continues the pursuit of interdisciplinary learning and public inquiry embodied by the lives and service of two of Pitzer’s most distinguished and beloved professors Robert “Lee” Munroe, research professor of anthropology, and the late Ruth Hagberg Munroe.

The Center sponsors a themed series of events, including lectures, seminars, panel discussions, exhibitions, screenings, and performances.

The Munroe Center for Social Inquiry’s 2015-2016 theme is ARCHIVE. We have invited prominent scholars, artists, and activists across a range of disciplines to help us understand the power, transience and technologies of the collection. Who preserves, what and how do they display, who sees, what is lost? If, as artist and theorist, Catherine Lord suggests “culture requires memory. Memory requires an archive,” then one of the primary goals of this year of programming on ARCHIVE will be to address feverish incursions into lost and found holdings made ever more accessible and intangible by the digital. Meanwhile, our eminent speakers from history, anthropology, linguistics, photography, library science, performance, philosophy, critical Internet studies, queer and feminist analysis and other fields will be invited to keep us focused on what Carolyn Steedman calls the dust inevitably raised by our impulses to remember via  “our stubborn set of beliefs about an objective material world.”

The Director for 2013-17 is Professor Alexandra Juhasz.