Gardens Making Place Student Design Competition

Gardens Making Place adobe ilThis student design competition is a collaboration between the Conservancy and the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at Cal Poly Pomona. The competition aims to create 6-10 complete sustainable designs and management toolsets for affordable domestic food-producing and ecologically attuned gardens. The student teams (consisting of 2-3 students) will use standard sized suburban lots in communities within the Inland Empire. The designs should focus on the pragmatics of affordable healthy food production and adaptive biodiversity at varying scales. The competition will run two months (March-May) and during this time the teams should work to address the community needs, conduct case studies in the area and frame their design through thorough site analysis. Other components necessary to framing the design should be crop biodiversity, understanding of the plants and landscape, ecosystem health, systemic analyses (hydrology, etc), aesthetics and maintenance over time and of course, affordability. The aimed clientele will be low income and underserved communities of Pomona and Ontario. Below are links to the judging criteria, the deliverables and a list of resources to assist the teams.




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Judging Criteria   Deliverables   Resources

Key Dates:

Monday, March 3rd: Competition Kick Off

Monday, April 7th: Registration Submission Deadline

Friday, May 2nd: Design Submissions Due

More interim scheduling to come



1st Place:  $1500

Runners up (2): $500