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Powerdown is the 5C annual energy and water reduction competition.  It takes place between March and April.  The competition is organized and supported on the national scale by Campus Conservation Nationals, and powered by Lucid Building Dashboards.  Every year the competition (and collaboration) among the 5C’s gets better and better.


2014 PowerDown/Get WaterWise:

The 2014 competition was hosted byEcoCenter and the Redford Conservancy at Pitzer, SIO at Pomona, Engineers for a Sustainable World at Harvey Mudd, the Environmental Committee at Scripps, and SPEAR at Claremont McKenna.  The Claremont Colleges as a group competed against over 100 schools nationally through Campus Conservations Nationals.

This year Pitzer took home the Green Cup, reducing total energy usage by 4.7% collective in all three residence halls – Phase I (4.6% reduction), Phase II (4.4% reduction), and Mead (5% reduction).  The competition ran from March 26 – April 15.  Students were encouraged to pledge to reduce, and across the 5C’s 895 students pledged (140 at Pitzer!).




pz flier The Pitzer 2014 PowerDown Flier
photo 4 The Green Cup is handed off to Amanda, and Pitzer will be home to the Cup for the next year!
Dining in the Dark (1) Pitzer Dining in the Dark to reduce energy demand in McConnell
Power Down 2013 2013 PowerDown flier