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ReRoom is a campus-based initiative that aims to promote a culture of sustainability through the collection and reuse of used items (mini-fridges, microwaves, tables, chairs, electronics, lamps, posters, fans, school supplies, cleaning supplies, and much more) donated by Pitzer College residents at the end of each academic year.

ReRoom collects these reusable items to re-circulate back into the Pitzer community at the beginning of the following academic year. The program is designed to keep resources in our community, helping you to avoid the expense and hassle of having to go buy new items at exorbitant prices. There is a Fall Sale of all items, and all money collected goes to support student sustainability projects. All unsold items are donated to local community-based organizations.

ReRoom upholds, as an organization, that we, as a group and as a community and culture, must aim to diminish our ecological footprint, particularly by reusing goods and materials, giving second and third lifecycles to objects that would otherwise go in to landfills.

OUR VISION is to create a culture of resiliency, combat overconsumption and consumerism, and promote social responsibility.

In ReRoom’s first year, the project successfully diverted 2560 ft³ from the landfill!

If this you are interested in participating, please contact