Meet the RA Staff!

2014-2015 Resident Assistants (RAs)

Pitzer-Atherton-Sanborn (P.A.S.)


Alex-RosarioAlex Rosario    
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major(s) & Minor: Media Arts & Communications minor in Film Studies
Outside of class I am always running around trying to get things done.
I’m at Pitzer because I love the sense of community and small class sizes.

Basha Brulee-Wills
Hometown: Long Beach, CABasha-Brulee-Wills
Major(s) & Minor: Biology/Economics
Outside of class I play on the Pomona Pitzer’s women’s basketball team
I’m at Pitzer because…the diverse group of people that make up Pitzer’s student body.

Briana-PerlsonBriana Perlson
Hometown: Brea, CA
Major(s) & Minor: Environmental Analysis-Policy
Outside of class I swing dance with friends, run, read, crochet, and hang out with PZ peeps!
I’m at Pitzer because it is such an incredible place with amazing people, lovely professors, and such incredible opportunities to become involved in.

Chelsey Taylor-Vaughn
Hometown: Inglewood, CA
Major(s) & Minor: Economics
Outside of class I enjoy watching Scandal and Parenthood.
I’m at Pitzer because there is no other place like this.

Gabriela Ornelas    


Hometown: San Jose, California
Major(s) & Minor: Sociology and Chicano/ Latino Studies
Outside of class I participate in LSU, putting on the posada, and rockabily. I am also a part of stitch and bitch and the 5C Chiapas club.

I’m at Pitzer because  it is the school for me. I cherish the core values and expand my critical thinking skills and overall knowledge every day in and outside of the class

Kristen-ParkKristen Park    
Hometown: Brea, CA
Major(s) & Minor: Sociology, Asian American Studies
Outside of class I backpack, run half marathons, make kale chips, and run DreamCatchers.
I’m at Pitzer because of my peers, professors, and the Grove House cookies.

Savi EllisSavi Ellis
Hometown: Claremont, California
Major(s) & Minor: Environmental Analysis with a minor in Economics
Outside of class I am involved in ReRoom, Stitch n Bitch, and Slow Food
I’m at Pitzer because…I love the people at Pitzer, because they are the ones who make it the greatest place on the planet.

Patrick-KingPatrick King 
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Major(s) & Minor: Political Studies with a minor in Italian
Outside of class I run and cook. I am also on the Hillel board and bake for Challah for Hunger.
I’m at Pitzer because I fell in love with the community.

Stella Hartmann
Hometown: Braunschweig, Germany Stella
Major(s) & Minor: Human Biology Cross-Cultural Health and Healing
Outside of class I plan alternative events for PAS Hall Council to provide a substance-free environment for first year students.
I’m at Pitzer because of its social and globally responsible student-body.

William Springer
Hometown: Anchorage, AK
Major(s) & Minor: Philosophy and pre-med track.Will-Springer
Outside of class I listen to/write music and read.
I’m at Pitzer because of the supportive student body and the opportunities afforded by the 5Cs.

West-East Halls

Allie-WilliamsAllie Williams
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Major(s) & Minor: Chemistry
Outside of class I bake, run, and hang out with friends.
I’m at Pitzer because of the overall niceness of the students and professors and the sunshine.

Alex Cromidas   


Hometown:  San Diego, CA
Major(s) & Minor: Sociology
Outside of class I act, sing, play jazz clarinet, argue with people on the internet about movies and video games, model.
I’m at Pitzer because Honestly? It’s all the orange stuff.

Anya-DeeringAnya Deering
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major(s) & Minor: Linguistics major
Outside of class I Irish dance competitively, Balkan dance, work at a shoe store in the village, work out, and am a member of the Smart Sex Society
I’m at Pitzer because I love the amazing community and the supportive, interdisciplinary learning environment. Everyone is so passionate about what they are involved in.

Chris-CohenChris Cohen  
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major(s) & Minor: International Business
Outside of class I am doing homework, playing sports, or laughing with my friends.
I’m at Pitzer because it allows me to take control of my education and form my future in a way that most other institutions do not.

Gabriel-MadridGabriel Madrid
Hometown: Chino, CA
Major(s) & Minor: Sociology
Outside of class I participate in recruiting for the Office of Admission and I’m a member of the Entrepreunial club.
I’m at Pitzer because I believe the faculty and students make Pitzer a comfortable environment for learning new ideas.

Jennifer-RenickJennifer Renick
Hometown: Los Alamitos, CA
Major(s) & Minor: Community Mental Health: Schools and Youth
Outside of class I work as the Live Music Director of KSPC radio station, intern at Garey High School and Monrovia High School and help run boXcar clu
I’m at Pitzer because  I value social justice and diverse perspectives as core aspects of academia.

Kaile-SauroKaile Sauro 
Hometown: Missoula, MT
Major(s) & Minor: Environmental Analysis
Outside of class I enjoy hiking, taking photographs, running and eating ice cream.
I’m at Pitzer because…of the friendly people and the unique academic environment.

Michael Carson
Hometown: Moraga, CAMichael Carson
Major(s) & Minor: Econ/Accounting, possibly Psychology
Outside of class I: Photography, STOKE Club, Recreational Swimming
I’m at Pitzer because: The community, including not only students, but also faculty, and administration. It’s the best.


Mead Hall

Major(s) & Minor:
Outside of class
I’m at Pitzer

Luc Dark-FleuryLuc Dark-Fleury
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Major(s) & Minor: Neuroscience
Outside of class Study for class
I’m at Pitzer because…the people are interesting and the academics are great!

Charlie-YatesCharlie Yates
Hometown: Greenbrae, CA
Major(s) & Minor: Science, Technology & Society; Psychology; Music (minor)
Outside of class I am singing (Mood Swing a cappella, Chamber Choir, & Concert Choir),  participating in M.A.G.E., playing tennis/volleyball, or trading Pokemon cards!
I’m at Pitzer because the people are great, the Consortium is awesome, and who doesn’t love the SoCal weather?

Paloma AlemanPaloma-Aleman
Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Major(s) & Minor: Organizational Studies and Sociology
Outside of class I enjoy exploring the different opportunities that Pitzer had to offer (clubs, events, etc.)
I’m at Pitzer because it provides me with the resources to grow in multiple areas.

Rebecca Herrera


Hometown: La Crescenta, CA

Major(s) & Minor: Double major in Economics and Environmental Analysis
Outside of class I can be found at the barn, playing with dogs and horses.
I’m at Pitzer because Pitzer offers me a close knit, supportive community that fosters creative thinking encourages pushing boundaries. 

Alexander Birk   
Hometown: Phoenix, ArizonaAlex Birk
Major(s) & Minor: Environmental Analysis (sustainability track) and Spanish
Outside of class I play football, listen to music, and hang out with friends.

I’m at Pitzer because…I love the values that college has and I support a lot of the same things. I think that the people here are some of the friendliest people there are and I just enjoy everything about the college.