Sophomore Year Experience


1. SYE Symposium

The SYE Symposium on Monday, August 29, 2016, helps to prepare sophomore and/or second-year students at Pitzer College for the upcoming academic year. Session topics include academic advising and planning, study abroad, navigating the registration process, internship opportunities, success in the sciences, involvement in clubs and organizations and more! Sophomores will have the opportunity to interact with each other and with faculty, staff, and Sophomore Year Experience Programming Assistants to help prepare them for their sophomore year. The SYE Symposium is a day-long conference style event designed to prepare sophomore and/or second-year students at Pitzer College for the upcoming academic year.

Students participating in the symposium are not committed to attending the full day; students are welcome to join the specific sessions that interest them.

2. Faculty Study Breaks

Faculty study breaks will be opportunities for Pitzer sophomores to interact with faculty from a variety of disciplines.  Each semester, sophomores will have the opportunity to attend a study break session with faculty members, giving sophomores the opportunity to explore a variety of academic interests, while forming connections with faculty and other students who attend the events.

3. Sophomore Year Experience Programming

Each month throughout the academic year, there will be a program put on for sophomores to learn about a topic relevant to them.  Topics will include: academic planning, career and internships, study abroad planning, community engagement, leadership, and campus involvement.  A different office, group of faculty or staff, 0r upperclassmen students will be invited each month to speak to sophomores on that month’s topic.  Sophomores will also have the opportunity to mingle with upper-class students and get their perspectives on that month’s topic.

Examples of programs includes:

4. Sophomore Class Council Involvement

Sophomores that are interested in getting involved with the sophomore class council will have the opportunity to work with their peers on developing community building activities and finding ways to meet the needs of the sophomore class. Under the leadership of the Sophomore Class Senator, and advised by the West & East Hall Residence Director, students will have the opportunity to get plugged into a great campus leadership opportunity and make connections with other students and staff members across Pitzer’s campus.


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