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A Message from Student Body President Josue Pasillas:

No other institution of higher education can equal Pitzer College when it comes to our students, staff, faculty, administrators, parents, alumni, and trustees. Whether it’s the commitment to our success held by our faculty, the smiles and advice offered by our staff, the support from our administration, the contributions from our parents and alumni, and the guidance from the Board of Trustees, Pitzer College is one community united by our core values.

One of those core values is student engagement, ensuring that students are active members of all levels of college governance through the Pitzer College Student Senate. As the official governing body of the student body, the Student Senate boasts fifty-four student representatives serving on the Executive Board, in the Legislature, and on the Judicial Council. With over five percent of the student body serving as a student representative, the Student Senate continues to be ranked among the largest per capita student governments of higher education institutions in the world.

It is the responsibility of the Student Senate to ensure that the student voice plays a central role in the critical decisions made at the college. I am tremendously proud of all that student leaders have been able to accomplish already in the past few years: bringing gender-neutral restrooms to our buildings, selecting the first African-American president of a Claremont College, recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day, banning plastic water bottles, and divesting from fossil fuel companies. Our Student Senate has been an integral part of making change on campus.

With a commitment to empowering a diversity of student voices and perspectives to move forward on key issues, students are more organized and actively engaged in the governance process than ever before in the history of this institution.

Provida Futuri,
Josue Pasillas ’17
Student Body President
Pitzer College Student Senate

President Josue Pasillas has presented the 2017-2018 Annual Budget Proposal.

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Student Senate Mission Statement

Pitzer College Student Senate is the central governing body for the students. The primary goal of the Student Senate is to promote and enhance student engagement and campus life. Senate is the official body for protecting student rights and interests, facilitating student participation in College policy-making, increasing the quality of students’ educational and academic experience, upholding the core values of the College in all areas of student life, facilitating communication between students and faculty, staff, and bureaucratic organizations, recognizing and funding student organizations, representing the student body in College Council meetings and all official college business, and striving to improve the welfare of students.

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