Student Organizations

The opportunities for student involvement in student organizations on campus are endless. There are over sixty student organizations that meet the needs and interests of students at Pitzer College. Recognized and funded by the Pitzer College Student Senate, our student organizations encompass a wide range of interests and welcome your participation. If you do not see an organization that interests you, propose a new one!

It is my responsibility to oversee and support student organizations. For more information about proposing a new student organization, finding a meeting space, or anything else, please feel free to contact me at! I will promptly respond to make your experience as a student leader a good one.

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Shivani Kavuluru ’19
Pitzer College Student Senate




Student Organizations at Pitzer College

A Cleaner Tomorrow (ACT)
President: Polina Goncharova ’18
Wednesday 6 PM Pitzer Hall Living Room

American Sign Language Club (PZASL)
President: Alegria Martinez ’18

Art of Bread Club (ABC)
President: Jenna Loesberg ’18

Art Collective (ArtCo)
President: Marley Cohen ’17, Gabrielle Das ’17, Lizzy Freedman ’18

Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC)
President: Therese Boter ’19

Black Student Union (BSU)
President: Jessica Saint-Fleur ’18

Boxcar Club
President: Marley Cohen’17

Breakfast Club
President: Molly Edison ’18

Brewing Club
President: Conner Martinez ’17 & Alex Hinshaw ’17

Chess Club 
President: Parker Beak ’19

Climbing Club
President: Shelby Beauchamp ’18 & Cal Hynes ’17

Consulting Club
President: Andrew Lydens ’17

Cooking Club
President: Hana Oshita ’18

President: Adriana Cerón ’18

Endurance Club
President: Bethany Reim’19

President: Rachel Spiegel ’17 & Ann Sasaki ’18

Feminist Coalition (FemCo)
President: TBD

President: Ryan Banfi ’17

Fire-Spinning & Flow Art Society
President: Eric Chow ’17

First-Gen Club
President: Kim Ha ’18

First-Year Class Council
President: Brendan Schultz ’20

Golf Club
President: Michael Caldwell ’17

Garden Club
President: Joris Van Zeghbroek ’17
Fridays at 3pm in the Garden

Global Martial Arts
President: Collin Blinder ’17

Green Bike Program (GBP)
President: Sanford A. Glickman ’17

Grove House Committee
Caretaker: Margot Mattson ’17

Health and Fitness Club
President: Brandon Smith ’19

Junior Class Council
President: Wyatt Barnes ’18

Kohoutek Music & Arts Festival
President: Marley Cohen ’17

Kuya Movement
President Chris Cabunag ’19
Meeting Time: 4-5 pm Pitzer Hall living Room
(Every other Sunday)

Latinx Student Union (LSU)
President: Hernan Gallo-Cornejo ’17

Movies, Anime, Gaming & Entertainment (MAGE)
President: Emmaline Meill

Mead Hall Council
Interim President: Mary Thomas

Middle Eastern Student Assoc. (MESA)
President: Simone Bishara’18

Mixed Identity Exchange (MIX)
President: Katia Mafra Spencer,Alaina Orr, and Sarah Sato

Music Coalition
President: Austin Zimmerman ’18

New Resource Student Council (NRS)
President: Nick Flores ’17

Order of the Sagehen
President: Aubrey Lancaster ’19

Pangea Dance Crew
President: Jennifer Lesorogol ’17

P.A.S. Hall Council
President: Brendan Schultz ’20

Peer Health Educators
Point Person: Alora Daunt’17 and Nikki Bansal’19
Mondays at 1 in the PHE Room in the GSC

Photography Club
President: Clint Isom ’20

Pitzer Activities (PAct)
President: Chance Kawar ’17 & Zander Wu ’19

Pitzer Advocates for Survivors
President: Sarah Zimmerman ’17, Maddy Gould ’19, Katherine Carey ’19

Pitzer Faith Community
President: Peter Leung’19  

Pitzer International Students Association
President: Arman Ahmed ’19

Pitzer Outdoor Adventure (POA)
President: Jack Fairbairn ’17 & Griffin Paisley ’17

Pitzer Paintballing Club
President: Jonah Hamilton ’18

Programming Club 
President: Clayton To ’17

Pitzer Electrical Society
President: Cameron Coe ’20
Meeting Time: 8-11PM at the GSC (Every Thursday)

Prehospital Certification Club
President: Marcus Hofer-Curl ’18

Psychological Student Association (PPSA)
President: Rachel Arditi ’17

Rainbow People Collaborative
President: Finlay Williams ’17

Reggae Fest
President: Justin Preciado ’18

Senior Class Council
President: Chance Kawar ’17

Shakedown Café
President: Brian Collette ’17

Skateboarding Club (STOKE)
President: Clio Sherman ’17

Social Activities Committee (SAC)
President: Dalton Varney ’18

Social Entrepreneur Community
President: Olivia Cornfield ’17

Sophomore Class Council
President: Kamyab Mashian ’19

Stitch N’ Bitch
President: Erin Sullivan

Students in Business
President: Laura Nicklas’19

Student Investment Club
President: Marcus Hofer-Curl ’18

Terracycle Club
President: Crystal Sin ’19

The Peel Newspaper
Editor: Miller Saltzman ’17 & Delphine Burns ’17

Tutors for a Cause
President: Rachel Arditi ’17
Saturdays 10 am- 2pm West Hall Living Room

W.E.S. Hall Council
President: Shivani Kavuluru ’19 & Maddie Hauenstein ’18

To learn more about other student clubs and organizations at the Claremont Colleges, visit these webpages for additional information:

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