Writing Center Team

Andrea ScottAndrea Scott, Faculty Director

Andrea Scott is assistant professor of academic writing at Pitzer College. Before coming to Pitzer in Fall 2013, she taught in the Princeton Writing Program for five years, serving as an associate director from 2010-13. Her research focuses on the often tacit ways that experts are socialized into their disciplines. She’s spent the past several years collaborating with faculty and fellows to develop teaching practices that make this knowledge accessible to students so they can participate in their new fields. She hails from San Diego, considers Berlin her second home, and harbors obsessions for experimental poetry, memoirs, and niche perfume.

Jenny ThomasJenny Thomas, Coordinator

Jenny Thomas has been working in Writing Center administration since 2008 and brings to her role as Coordinator of Pitzer’s Writing Center over a decade of experience working with undergraduate and graduate students to develop academic writing, reading and research skills. With a Masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Jenny is passionate helping students deepen their communicative competence, ranging from small details to macro-level sociolinguistic implications of language use. Her research interests include ways in which the linguistic norms of dominant speech and writing communities can marginalize or stigmatize members of less powerful social groups. She has lived in four US states, Central America, and Eastern Europe, is a crochet addict, and enjoys life as an adoptive and biological mom with an active, multicultural family.


David Zachary, Fellow

David is a graduating Pitzer senior with a self-designed major entitled Healing Pedagogy for Social Change. He is a New Resources Student who prior to entering Pitzer taught in Waldorf schools as a class teacher, Education Support teacher, and middle school PE teacher, primarily working with students in kindergarten through 8th grade. David has also worked in the film industry in commercial, feature film, and video production. He is a Marine Corps veteran and has been active in sports throughout his life. Once as an amateur boxer, he fought Evander Holyfield in an All South Boxing Tournament. David is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and a longtime resident of Southern California. He is sociable and loves to converse about a wide range of subjects.

Carlos AlvarezCarlos Alvarez, Fellow

Carlos is a Senior transfer student who transferred to Pitzer College last fall from the University of California, Irvine. Carlos is majoring in English and World Literature with a creative writing emphasis and minoring in Sociology. Carlos lives in South Gate, California, about forty-five minutes away from Los Angeles, is passionate about writing poetry and fiction, and is interested in all types of creative writing. Carlos created the Pitzer College Creative Writer’s Guild, is the transfer student mentor, has officer positions in M.A.G.E. Club, TerraCycle Club, and Legal Society, and sits on the curriculum committee on Student Senate.

Lucas AyenewLucas Ayenew, Fellow

Lucas Ayenew is a sophomore Neuroscience major and Philosophy minor, but more genuinely he is a kombucha-brewer kelp-forest-swimmer. Lucas is easily excited by things like fruit fly cognition, the effect of language on personal reality, and sleeping early. Lucas is interested in the self-discovery that occurs concurrently with written expression. The novelist, essayist, and short story writer E.M. Foster puts it well: “How do I know what I think unless I see what I say?” In his spare time, Lucas can be found practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, teaching yoga, or writing.

Divya BambawaleDivya Bambawale, Fellow

Divya is a sophomore and a potential English major. After teaching in India over the past summer, she is also interested in incorporating education into her major. She is passionate about environmental issues and is a founding member of the environmental club A Cleaner Tomorrow on campus which educates schools in the Claremont area on the environment. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading and traveling. Something you may not know about her is that she’s lived in four countries: U.A.E, Thailand, England and India.

Tashi BergerTashi Berger, Fellow

Tashi is a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York.  She plans on majoring in Political Studies and minoring in Anthropology.  She loves traveling, swimming, and listening to music.  When she’s not on campus, Tashi likes to go hiking around Southern California.


012Spencer Harrison, Fellow

Spencer is a senior at Pitzer College majoring in English & World Literature. He has writing experience in history, philosophy, creative writing, literary and writing studies. His interest in writing across the disciplines led him to pursue becoming a fellow at the Writing Center. He is fascinated by the possibilities opened through the combination of academic and creative writing. Outside of the classroom, he enjoys playing rugby at the Claremont Colleges.

Sarah NelsonSarah Nelson, Fellow

Sarah is a Pitzer sophomore who is planning on studying global health and taking advantage of the diverse range of courses the liberal arts education has to offer. While working at the Writing Center in her high school she discovered her love of working with words on the page as well as working with her peers. She is looking forward to continue doing both in the Pitzer community. When she’s not in the Writing Center Sarah can usually be found pursing her passions: learning languages, attempting to play music, traveling, and spending time outdoors. 

Kate NivenKate Niven, Fellow

Kate Niven is a third-year student from Boston, majoring in Organizational Studies and Sociology. She plays for the Claremont Women’s Rugby team and is involved with Latino Student Union. Kate has a love for creative writing and enjoys helping students see the influence behind their own words in academic papers. She appreciates that everyone comes into college with different skills and abilities in the writing process and is passionate about working with students to see past the challenges they may face while writing. In her free time Kate likes to paint, dance, and binge watch Netflix.  

Mari PettiboneMari Pettibone, Fellow (Fulbright Research Specialist)

Mari is a senior majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Spanish. Her propensity for intelligent wit and the precise arrangement of words for optimum expression are what fuel her enthusiasm for writing. She has developed a love of travel and has lived in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Italy. She hopes to one day work in the field of health care. Her life loves are all things aquatic, philosophical conversations, making people laugh, and sweet potatoes.

Leah PomerantzLeah Pomerantz, Fellow

Leah Pomerantz is a senior pursuing a Biology and Studio Art combined major. She is the president of the 5C Pre-Veterinary and Animal Science Club and is working on becoming a small animal and avian doctor. Her artistic focus is in drawing, but she also adores painting colorful, large scale murals. She feels most confident in scientific writing, but is always excited to write and read papers from other disciplines to broaden her knowledge of the world. Most of her free time is spent caring too much about television shows, baking elaborate desserts, or cooing over adorable critters.

Harry RappaportHarry Rappaport, Fellow (Fulbright Research Specialist)

Harry Rappaport is a senior at Pitzer pursuing a major in Psychology. He is interested in the complex systems underlying interpersonal interactions and individuals’ unique modes of relating. His experiences as a tutor range from working with 3rd-6th graders at a local school to helping peers develop their writing skills. Harry enjoys both academic and creative writing, and he is particularly passionate about poetry. In his free time Harry loves dancing west-coast swing, geeking out over Firefly, and telling puns.

Lily SimonLily Simon, Fellow (Fulbright Research Specialist)

Lily Simon is a Senior Environmental Policy major with a minor in Economics. She has rejoined the Writing Center after her year abroad, and helps students reach their international goals as a Writing Center Fellow for Fulbright Awards. After spending a year studying food and water systems in the Netherlands, Lily has a passion for global perspectives in terms of environmental issues and serves as the External Studies chair on Pitzer’s Student Senate. Lily loves to blog about traveling and cuddle with any available dogs in her free time, but you will most likely find her pounding dirty chai tea lattes over economics problem sets. Say “Hi” anyway!

Summer SturtevantSummer Sturtevant, Fellow

Summer Sturtevant is a senior majoring in English World Literature. In Spring of 2014, Summer spent her semester abroad in Botswana and enjoyed having the opportunity to teach English to middle school and high school students. She looks forward to working with Pitzer students and reading various styles and pieces. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, and playing with dogs. You can find Summer at the Pit-Stop pretending to do homework or in the dining hall eating raisins.

Andy WrightAndy Wright, Fellow

Andy Wright is the Web Editor of the Claremont Port Side, a Junior majoring in English and Media Studies, and a lover of sunshine. After he gives up on being a starving artist, Andy plans to sneak his way into grad school for either of his majors, hopefully ending up in the hallowed halls of Academia. Andy specializes in working with English, Film, and journalism papers, but has an open mind to the universal language of learning.