Writing Center Team

Andrea ScottAndrea Scott, Faculty Director

Andrea Scott is assistant professor of academic writing at Pitzer College. Before coming to Pitzer in Fall 2013, she taught in the Princeton Writing Program for five years, serving as Associate Director of the Writing Seminars from 2010-13. Her research focuses on the often tacit ways that experts are socialized into their disciplines. She’s spent the past several years collaborating with faculty and fellows to develop teaching and tutoring practices that make this knowledge accessible to students so they can participate in their new fields. She hails from San Diego, considers Berlin her second home, and harbors obsessions for experimental poetry, memoirs, and niche perfume.

Jenny ThomasJenny Thomas, Coordinator

Jenny Thomas has been working in Writing Center administration since 2008 and brings to her role as Coordinator of Pitzer’s Writing Center over a decade of experience working with undergraduate and graduate students to develop academic writing, reading and research skills. With a Masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Jenny is passionate helping students deepen their communicative competence, ranging from small details to macro-level sociolinguistic implications of language use. Her research interests include ways in which the linguistic norms of dominant speech and writing communities can marginalize or stigmatize members of less powerful social groups. She has lived in four US states, Central America, and Eastern Europe, is a crochet addict, and enjoys life as an adoptive and biological mom with an active, multicultural family.

Carlos AlvarezBen Baker, Fellow [senior; economics & history; bio forthcoming]

Eric BenjaminsEric Benjamins, Fellow 

Eric is a senior biology “pre-vet” major from Los Angeles with a passion for helping others. He enjoys anything outdoors, jamming out on the saxophone, and traveling.  With three years of science courses and previous biology tutoring experience, Eric is most comfortable with science-related inquiries, but is excited and prepared to help with other forms of writing as well. He approaches every experience as a learning opportunity and strives to keep an open mind. 

Will DukeWill Duke, Fellow (Fellowship Consultant)

Will is a senior majoring in Organizational Studies with a minor in Spanish. His passions lay within the international community, which was first sparked by the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in high school, an international socio-political focus at Pitzer, and most recently trips to South America, Europe, and Africa. In his free time, Will enjoys playing music, going on outdoor adventures, and exploring all that California has to offer. His experience as a teacher ranges from violin lessons to economic courses. However, he has always considered what he tutors to be much less important than the way he approaches each activity.

Divya BambawaleDivya Bambawale, Fellow

Divya is a junior and a potential English major. After teaching in India over the past summer, she is also interested in incorporating education into her major. She is passionate about environmental issues and is a founding member of the environmental club A Cleaner Tomorrow on campus which educates schools in the Claremont area on the environment. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading and traveling. Something you may not know about her is that she’s lived in four countries: U.A.E, Thailand, England and India.

Tashi BergerTashi Berger, Fellow (Fellowship Consultant)

Tashi is a rising junior from Brooklyn, New York.  She plans on majoring in Political Studies and minoring in Anthropology.  She loves traveling, swimming, and listening to music.  When she’s not on campus, Tashi likes to go hiking around Southern California.

Amelia Haselkorn

Amelia Haselkorn, Fellow

Amelia is senior from Seattle studying PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) and French. This year she is looking forward to captaining the Greenshirts, the 5C women’s Ultimate Frisbee team. She has successfully completed the “5C Academic Challenge” (taking at least one class at each college) and thus has experience writing in a variety of disciplines. Last fall, she studied abroad in Paris where she managed to balance French school work and French pastries fairly well.



Maddie Honingsford, Fellow

Maddie is a junior studying Economics, Public Policy Analysis and Arabic. Like any true Oregonian, she enjoys a good romp in the great outdoors and can be found exploring local national parks in her free time. She is also an avid proponent of long naps, witty banter, and Early Jazz Pandora Radio Station. Ask about her sweet minivan and she will immediately fall in love with you. 

Jordan Jenkins Jordan Jenkins, Fellow (Fellowship Consultant)

Jordan is a junior majoring in Political Studies with a Spanish minor. Her passion is in education, which was sparked by a service trip to Peru, where Jordan taught English to 1st through 6th graders. In the future she hopes to use politics to help strengthen educational systems around the world. This year Jordan is looking forward to spending more time in the Writing Center, as well as creating, running and exploring Southern California.

Doug Lewis
Doug Lewis, Fellow

Doug Lewis is a junior majoring in Public Policy Analysis / Sociology with a focus on urban studies. After spending his fall 2014 semester in Nepal, Doug developed an affinity for urban transportation and navigating public transit. He has experience writing across a broad range of disciplines and is particularly interested in history, American literature, and the social sciences. Doug is a founding member of Claremont’s Designing Urban Spaces club, an avid ping-pong enthusiast, and lover of all things Tintin-related. 

Elle NealElle Neal, Fellow 

Elle is a sophomore majoring in Spanish and Human Biology. After volunteering in the Lower Ninth Ward post Hurricane Katrina, she developed a strong passion for health equity and social justice. On campus, she is actively involved with the Pitzer Feminist Coalition as well as the Shakedown Cafe. She has writing experience in Biology, Politics, and Sociology and is excited to engage with students from diverse backgrounds. Most of her free time is spent running, experimenting in the kitchen, exploring the outdoors, and caring for her six-month old cactus named Franklin. 

Kate NivenKate Niven, Fellow

Kate Niven is a senior from Boston, majoring in Organizational Studies and Sociology. She plays for the Claremont Women’s Rugby team and is involved with Latino Student Union. Kate has a love for creative writing and enjoys helping students see the influence behind their own words in academic papers. She appreciates that everyone comes into college with different skills and abilities in the writing process and is passionate about working with students to see past the challenges they may face while writing. In her free time Kate likes to paint, dance, and binge watch Netflix.  

AnjuliAnjuli Peters, Fellow

Anjuli Peters is from the San Francisco Bay area and is currently a sophomore at Pitzer College. With hopes to attend law school someday, she is pursuing a major in Organizational Studies with a minor in Legal Studies. After two years as the editor of her high school newspaper, Anjuli is fascinated by powerful rhetoric and contrasting interpretations and viewpoints throughout world history and politics. Other interests include traveling, trying new foods, exploring new places, and anything that involves succulents. 

Alison RollmanAlison Rollman, Fellow

Alison Rollman is a sophomore at Pitzer College whose academic interests lie in the fields of Sociology, Psychology, Writing, and Holistic Health. She loves art, dance, poetry, and nature, and spends her time working at the Grove House, practicing and teaching yoga and meditation, and marveling at all of the beautiful succulents around campus. 

Carlos AlvarezLena Tran, Fellow [sophomore; bio and photo forthcoming]

Talia TrillingTalia Trilling, Fellow 

Talia is a senior from Washington, D.C., majoring in Psychology and minoring in Media Studies. She also works on campus as a New Student Mentor and a tutor for Psychological Statistics and Research Methods. In her free time, she likes watching campy movies, playing video games, reading and eating lots of Chipotle burrito bowls. 

Tessa Tweet Tessa Tweet, Fellow (Fellowship Consultant)

Tessa is a senior and loves majoring in anthropology at Pitzer College. She hopes to pursue further education in the field of anthropology. In her free time, she enjoys visiting museums and galleries and has worked at the Museum of Flight in Seattle for six years. Last summer, she was lucky enough to travel to Germany to attend the European Writing Center Association Conference. This will be her second year as a Writing Center fellow and she loves making connections with other Pitzer students, especially first-year students. She owes all her writing skills to the Writing Center, where she was a regular during her first year at Pitzer! This spring she will travel to Brazil on a Pitzer exchange.

Andy WrightAndy Wright, Fellow

Andy Wright is the Web Editor of the Claremont Port Side, a senior majoring in English and Media Studies, and a lover of sunshine. After he gives up on being a starving artist, Andy plans to sneak his way into grad school for either of his majors, hopefully ending up in the hallowed halls of Academia. Andy specializes in working with English, Film, and journalism papers, but has an open mind to the universal language of learning.

MorissaMorissa Zuckerman, Fellow (Fellowship Consultant)

Morissa is a senior at Pitzer College, majoring in Environmental Policy and minoring in Spanish. She is passionate about community organizing, environmental justice, and incorporating education into both of these areas. She has experience in fellowship applications and academic writing, but also really enjoys creative writing and poetry. In her free time, Morissa likes to cook fun things, read, go on adventures, and be outdoors.