Writing Center Team

Andrea ScottAndrea Scott, Faculty Director

Professor Scott is on sabbatical for the Spring 2017 semester. Inquiries may be directed to Jenny_Thomas@pitzer.edu or writing@pitzer.edu.

Andrea Scott is assistant professor of academic writing. Before coming to Pitzer in Fall 2013, she taught in the Princeton Writing Program for five years, where she also served as an associate director. She has dedicated her career to teaching writing because she’s committed to helping students use their writing to participate in consequential conversations across the curriculum. Her current scholarship tackles two broad questions: how are writing cultures shaped by diverse social contexts? And how might we use the answers to this question to teach and tutor writing in new ways?  She hails from San Diego, considers Berlin her second home, and has lived and studied in many parts of the world, including Oakland, Chicago, Munich, Florence, and New York. She enjoys hiking, experimental poetry, and unusual perfumes (one of her favorites smells like books).

Jenny ThomasJenny Thomas, Coordinator

Jenny Thomas has been working in Writing Center administration since 2008 and brings to her role as Coordinator of Pitzer’s Writing Center over a decade of experience working with undergraduate and graduate students to develop academic writing, reading and research skills. With a Masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Jenny is passionate helping writers, especially multilingual students, deepen their communicative competence, ranging from small details to macro-level sociolinguistic implications of language use. Her research interests include ways in which the linguistic norms of dominant speech and writing communities can marginalize or stigmatize members of less powerful social groups. She has lived in four US states, Central America, and Eastern Europe, is a crochet addict, and enjoys life as an adoptive and biological mom with an active, multicultural family.

Divya BambawaleDivya Bambawale, Fellow and Fellowship Specialist
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Divya is a senior, double-majoring in English and French. After teaching over the summer in Denver, she is interested in pursuing a career in education after college. She is passionate about environmental issues and is a founding member of the A Cleaner Tomorrow club on campus, which teaches environmental education to schools in the Claremont area. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, and traveling. She has lived in four countries: the U.A.E, Thailand, England, and India. She is excited to continue working with students at the Writing Center after her semester abroad in Paris. 

Liam BrooksLiam Brooks, Fellow and Fellowship Specialist
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Liam is a junior, majoring in Media Studies with interests in journalism, art, computer science, and linguistics. As a fan of all things emojified and autocorrected, Liam is especially interested in how writing — from academic essays to Snapchat captions — functions and thrives in an increasingly digital society. He works as a photo editor for The Student Life newspaper, serves on Pitzer’s public art committee, and really likes bicycles. 

chris-eskilsonChristopher Eskilson, Fellow
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Christopher is a junior from Los Angeles, majoring in English and minoring in anthropology. He is a managing editor for The Student Life newspaper and worked as an editorial intern for Red Hen Press this last summer. Christopher is passionate about inspiring youth to express themselves with writing and exploring the role of written expression in advancing social change. His other interests include coffee, exploring abandoned zoos, playing bass guitar, and David Lynch films.

maddy-gouldMaddy Gould, Fellow and Fellowship Specialist
Maddy Gould is a sophomore from Seattle, WA, studying sociology and organizational studies.  Maddy has been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to travel abroad and hopes to continue to foster her love of exploring and understanding other cultures throughout her educational trajectory as well as her career.  Additionally, she is an avid downhill skier, loves hiking, cooking, dancing, and yoga and is an extremely sub-par but enthusiastic tennis player. Maddy’s favorite food is popcorn and one of her favorite pastimes is spending time with her cat, Dobby.


Kat Harhai, Fellow
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Kat Harhai is a Junior at Pitzer College, double majoring in Environmental Analysis and Gender and Feminist Studies. Outside of class, Kat loves to read, play music, and do anything outdoors.

MaddieMaddie Honingford, Fellow
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Maddie is a senior studying Economics, Public Policy Analysis and Arabic. Like any true Oregonian, she enjoys a good romp in the great outdoors and can be found exploring local national parks in her free time. She is also an avid proponent of long naps, witty banter, and the Early Jazz Pandora Radio Station. Ask about her sweet minivan and she will immediately fall in love with you. 

lillian-horinLillian Horin, Fellow and Fellowship Specialist
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Lillian is Biology major from Los Angeles. She is a first-generation college student and also works as the 7C SACNAS Vice President and a Cell Biology Lab TA. During her time at Pitzer, Lillian has developed a strong passion for scientific communication but also desires to foster writing as an means of self-expression accessible to anyone, regardless of background. She believes in working with peers to help them realize their own goals for their writing. While not in the Writing Center, you can find Lillian drawing, watching anime, and learning more chemistry. 

zoe-huntZoe Hunt, Fellow and Fellowship Specialist
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Zoe is a sophomore and is considering a major in sociology, legal studies or public policy with a minor in Spanish. Zoe plays basketball for Pomona Pitzer (go Hens!) and loves attending sporting events! She is from NorCal and enjoys going on motorcycle rides along the coast. Zoe is bilingual in Spanish after spending a semester in Argentina. In her free time, Zoe can be found at the pool, on the court, or anywhere that there’s boba!

Patrick JimenezPatrick Jimenez, Fellow and Fellowship Specialist
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Patrick is a Philosophy major with a long history of tutoring college students in many different disciplines. He endeavors to enter academia as a university professor. In addition to philosophy, Patrick enjoys discussing politics, history, psychology, and animal rights.  As a non-traditional student who has learned how to be successful with a learning disability–dyslexia–Patrick is also extremely focused on how tutoring pedagogies can be as inclusive as possible, with an emphasis on the needs and goals of individual students. 

Doug LewisDoug Lewis, Fellow
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Doug Lewis is a senior majoring in Public Policy Analysis and Sociology with a focus on urban studies. After spending his fall 2014 semester in Nepal, Doug developed an affinity for urban transportation and navigating public transit. He has experience writing across a broad range of disciplines and is particularly interested in history, American literature, and the social sciences. Doug is a founding member of Claremont’s Designing Urban Spaces club, an avid ping-pong enthusiast, and lover of all things Tintin-related. 

Kamyab MashianKamyab Mashian, Fellow
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Kamyab is a sophomore from Santa Cruz, California. He is planning on majoring in Political Studies, but he also hopes to study philosophy. He is an active member of WES Hall Council, and is currently serving as the Sophomore Representative on the Pitzer Student Senate. He has experience writing within the social sciences and humanities, particularly philosophy. When he is not at the Writing Center, Kamyab enjoys swimming, video games, and writing in the third person. He also happens to be extremely allergic to rabbits.

carly-medinaCarly Medina, Fellow
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Carly is a sophomore from Miami, Florida. She is studying math, public policy, and computer science. She hopes that her unparalleled enthusiasm for horror movies, ice cream, and Harambe will manifest into assisting with a smorgasbord of written projects throughout her time as a fellow.

Elle NealElle Neal, Fellow 

Elle is a junior majoring in Spanish and Human Biology. After volunteering in the Lower Ninth Ward post Hurricane Katrina, she developed a strong passion for health equity and social justice. On campus, she is actively involved with the Pitzer Feminist Coalition as well as the Shakedown Cafe. She has writing experience in Biology, Politics, and Sociology and is excited to engage with students from diverse backgrounds. Most of her free time is spent running, experimenting in the kitchen, exploring the outdoors, and caring for her six-month old cactus named Franklin. 

Sarah NelsonSarah Nelson, Fellow 
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Sarah, AKA Nel, is a senior studying human biology and cross-cultural health. She is most experienced with writing in the social sciences and sciences, but loves working across all disciplines. When she’s not in the Writing Center you might find her attempting to play the banjo, exploring the San Gabriel Mountains, or listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. 

gabby-ornelasGabby Ornelas, Fellow and Fellowship Specialist
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Gabriela Ornelas is a senior from San Jose studying Sociology and Chicano Latino Studies. At Pitzer, Gabby has found her passion for analytical writing and qualitative sociological research. She has experience with research-based fellowship and thesis writing but also enjoys the simplicity of a quick five page essay. Outside of academics, Gabby enjoys spending time and playing tug-of-war with her pug puppy, Osito!

Adela Pfaff, Fellow and Fellowship Specialist Adela Pfaff
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Adela is a Psychology and English major who can never read enough books or meet enough dogs. They aspire to run their own lab someday, but their secret dream is to be a beloved college professor with a chili pepper on Rate My Professor, so they’re obviously very excited to work in the writing center. Adela is interested in creative writing as well as out-of-the-box writing techniques and will almost definitely encourage you to use a pun in your paper! Their writing role models are Carrie Bradshaw and J.D. Salinger.

ritika-raoRitika Rao, Fellow

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Ritika is a senior, majoring in International Relations with a minor in Economics. She is from Bangalore, India and is passionate about dogs and the game of Chess. She writes for the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy and is a founding member of the Claremont Advisory, a consortium-wide mentoring club. Ritika spends her free time surfing Reddit and memorizing the lyrics of Top-40 hits.

sophia-rizzoloSophia Rizzolo, Fellow
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Sophia is currently a sophomore studying History and International/Intercultural Studies (IIS). She has experience writing for the IIS major which relies heavily on Critical Theory and Interdisciplinarity. She believes that writing can be a platform for social justice and change. Sophia is fond of spending time outdoors and traveling. 

Alison RollmanAlison Rollman, Fellow

Alison Rollman is a junior at Pitzer College whose academic interests lie in the fields of Sociology, Psychology, Writing, and Holistic Health. She loves art, dance, poetry, and nature, and spends her time working at the Grove House, practicing and teaching yoga and meditation, and marveling at all of the beautiful succulents around campus. 

Emma SasoEmma Saso, Fellow
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Emma is a sophomore from Santa Cruz, California, majoring in Biology. She has a passion for marine science that came to light after her internship in Thailand studying the health of coral reef ecosystems. She enjoys writing creatively as well as academically, and is excited about working with students from all walks of life. Traveling and meeting new people are some of her favorite things to do, and in her free time you’ll likely find her outdoors hiking, climbing, playing soccer and beach volleyball, and swimming in the ocean.

hunter-sidelHunter Sidel, Fellow
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Hunter is a Sophomore and a likely History major from Bellevue, Washington. He is passionate about teaching and educational reform and hopes to teach theater and the humanities at a high school level. This fall, Hunter led an Orientation Adventure (go STAGE!!!) and hopes to make the Writing Center accessible to all first-years. He firmly believes that excellent pedagogy can inspire students of all backgrounds. When not at the writing center, he is likely rehearsing for the next play or obsessively “pinning” new tattoo ideas. 

finn-williamsFinn Williams, Fellow
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Finn Williams is senior from Chicago and is majoring in English and World Literature with a focus on Creative Writing and minoring in Spanish.  They are passionate about social justice and, on campus, they are known as the president of Pitzer’s Rainbow People Collaborative.  They have experience writing in a variety of disciplines with an emphasis on the humanities.  When they’re not busy, Finn likes to play guitar, listen to music, write, cook, and watch films.

Moonlight ZhuMoonlight Zhu, Fellow
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Moonlight is an international student from Beijing, China. She is a senior, majoring in International Relations with a Media Studies minor and a love of Spanish.  Moonlight enjoys traveling and meeting new people. She has dug in dirt in Israel and uncovered ancient pieces of pottery, bone, and even rare treasure from thousands of years ago; she has missed her cruise ship at a European island on the Caribbean Sea and managed to get back to the US; she has taught her second language in her third language country while studying abroad in Seville, Spain. At the Writing Center, Moonlight is looking forward to working with students at any stage of writing and sharing her own writing experiences, especially with those who have English as an additional language.


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